Retargeting in Facebook Marketing: Why It’s Important and How To Do It

With the vastly growing population of business enthusiasts, it’s important to be resourceful in finding ways how to do facebook marketing or advertising. Word-of-mouth now translates to your name and your business’ name having exposure on different platforms across the web. Advertising can cost a hefty sum, and you want to get as many ad returns with the least possible cost to maximize revenue.

An average person spends about 1-2 hours a day on social media, particularly Facebook. This platform is where you can find users of all ages, from the young teens sharing their random thoughts, and middle-aged users posting their travel photos, to those of the later generation just lurking and basically using Facebook merely for contact purposes. Facebook marketing may seem easy enough—posting your business updates here and there. But there’s more to it than just randomly sharing and creating posts.

Facebook Marketing

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Facebook has found a way to direct your recent searches into ads. You might wonder how your recent search for “flowers” is now flooding your Facebook feed with different stores and ads for businesses selling flower arrangements and bouquets. Having a social media page is now an essential component when building your business in this age. The question is, how do you make Facebook work for you?

The first steps are the simplest – creating your Facebook page and writing content and posts. But you want to make sure that you:

  • Reach Your Target Market. Knowing your target market is knowing which direction you want your Facebook marketing to take. Since Facebook gathers information such as birthdays, locations, and likes, Facebook can do the tracking for you. Facebook Ad Manager is the tool for you to analyze and focus on the market you want to reach. Aside from sorting your posts to be visible to a particular age group, it can help you know more about which pages they visit most, for you to know if your business aligns with your target market’s interest. From here, you can plan out your content posts, how to design them, and how to appeal to your audience’s eyes. The next step is to watch how they respond. It may take some time, but you will be able to see traction early on if your advertising was effective or not. But what if you did follow everything, but still did not get your desired response? Here is where retargeting comes in.


By its name, you simply “retarget” your visitors who you weren’t able to “catch” the first time.

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Pixel-Based Retargeting

This is when you reach out to people who already have dropped by your page, probably scrolled around for a bit, but did not interact and simply left it after some browsing. Since they already have footprints left on your page (“cookies”), it becomes easier to reach them. These “cookies” are brought upon by pixels, which is the Javascript code imprinted onto a website so each visitor is logged every time. Facebook then gathers this as a person’s attraction to your page, and will then contact them for you even if they did not reach out to you just yet. In an audience’s view, they will receive a message contacting them personally about their (possible) interest in your product or service, all through Facebook’s ad campaign tools. Instead of them reaching out to you blindly about what your products are, you can customise your message into something more fitting as to how you would initially introduce your business. 

List Retargeting

This is the more common one, wherein you have a list of prospects, or in this case, “targets”. Simply upload these email contacts and specify what kind of targeted ads you want them to receive, and Facebook does the rest. They will now be hinted at with personalised ads that they should come across as they browse through their feeds. 

Do take note that in list retargeting, if your lead has one email for email messages, and another email for social media accounts, there is a possibility they may not receive the leads and ads successfully.

End Results

All of these marketing efforts come down to achieving not only sales conversions, but also more people knowing about you and your business. While the returns are not always 100%, every endeavour you take on is a step towards that goal. 

  • Increase attention from your target audience
    • With retargeting, you don’t just simply let go of those who were interested in your business but did not reach out to you. You make sure that they are informed of your interest to be their vendor, as well. These times, that extra effort of making your presence known is enough to generate leads and possible sales.
  • Recommend new products or ongoing promotions
    • New customer promotions are definitely what you want to aim for when seeking a response from your ad campaigns. 55% of customers respond positively to discount emails, and 75% of them actually spend time looking for discount coupons in their inbox so they can avail a certain product (Convince & Convert).
  • Generate sales conversions
    • Of course, this is the end goal that you would always want to achieve with a customer – whether old or new. Driving sales through the roof – that’s always the dream. And with your consistent efforts in promoting your business not only on Facebook but on the various social media platforms wherein your customer may just be lurking in the shadows, you’re surely on the path to great success.

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