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VPS server plans allow you the flexibility to customise your own private server instance.

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Fast and secure is the name of the game with our multi-cloud platform.
Our VPS plans are designed to deliver a mix of performance and flexibility.

Virtual Private Server

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Explore our VPS plans with burstable CPUs to enjoy cost-efficiency, tenant isolation, and customisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about our cloud VPS services in Singapore.

VPS is a server that can be highly customised, unlike regular web hosting plans. It does not share files and server resources (disk space, CPU, RAM) with other users. This is why VPS hosting plans have more consistency when compared to a regular or business web hosting plan.

If you require a better website and email performance than business hosting plans, try a VPS plan with a minimum of 4CPU/8GB. You can get a VPS with as many as 32 cores and up to 192GB RAM from us.

Regular web hosting usually splits software and licensing costs across all the users accessing the server. On the other hand, virtual private servers (VPS) do not let other users access the files and resources.

Since only you can access them, the entire cost of licencing and software should be covered by you.

With our cloud-based outbound and inbound filtering, you can be assured that our email hosting services are spam-free. This is because our filtering identifies and blocks spammers automatically. Our Inbound Filtering protects our clients from malicious emails while our Outbound Filtering service gets rid of email delivery issues caused by IP address blocklisting. To improve security, we also help to put a stop to compromised scripts and accounts.

CLDY is ready to serve businesses of all sizes.

From small and medium-scale solutions to enterprise needs, we've got you covered! Build your website with CLDY today!

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