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The Best time to Move to VPS is Now

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is the next step after your website grows out of the resource limits of your shared hosting. Here are reasons for choosing to move in here now:

Top Uses for VPS-Level Control

Web Hosting

It’s time to consider getting a Virtual Private Server. Perfect if your current web hosting is simply not keeping up with your growing traffic.



With a Virtual Private Server, expect that sites run super fast enough to keep visitors around. Resources are scalable as the business grows.

Heavy App and Email Use

Multiple processes can take place without slowing down your site. Enjoy unlimited outgoing emails per hour or per domain.


Test Environment

Cost-efficient way to provide root access to a blank testing and deployment environment.


With virtual processing server power and its RAM, the load is taken off personal computers and ensures a better gaming experience.


Put yourself in the Driver’s seat and be in control



Smooth surf control only with the industry-standard control panel you know and love.


Strong Backup

Back up your data for 14 days and never lose days of hard work.


MYSQL Powered

Get the world’s most popular open-source database. MYSQL is available with all our plans.


Root Access

Take the lead with root (administrative) access to install PHP, modules, server-level proxy, and much more.


Scalable Upgrades

Don’t keep success waiting. Upgrade your plan anytime without the hassle and without re-provisions.


Strong Processing Power

Full-powered servers amped and ready to work with the latest gen of Intel ® Processors keeping up with its high performance and awesome speed.


Standard Managed Services

Get the time to focus more on your business while we handle all the technical up game which includes core updates, security monitoring, backups, and more.


Rock Solid Fast SSD Storage

Our VPS servers only utilize 100% enterprise-grade SSDs. This is because SSDs have lesser access time, less latency, and IOPS that are 100x more than normal drives.


200% Uptime

Stability and the ability to be online all the time are the main concerns of our clients that’s why we guarantee that we’re up and running 200% all the time. This is all credit to using only the market’s bleeding-edge best industry-standard infrastructure that maintained multiple redundancies across the globe. That’s when you know we have world-class Stability and Security for our VPS service.

Our Testimonials

teck poh wong
teck poh wong
Good service and product!
Jo Brown
Jo Brown
Sorry it took me so long! I just want to say the team at CLDY is fabulous, super helpful and professional. I just wished I knew about them earlier! The email and domain/website migration went smoothly and they were with us every step of the way. I would definitely recommend them!
Andrew Quek
Andrew Quek
After over a decade with our previous hosting provider, we decided to switch to CLDY and couldn't be happier! Our email deliverability and high server load issues faced at the previous provider were solved instantly once we migrated to CLDY's server. CLDY's professionalism and in-depth knowledge made the process very fast and seamless. CLDY offers competitive pricing along with superb, personal, and exceptional service. We highly recommend CLDY for their outstanding customer service and expertise. We've found a trustworthy, high-quality hosting provider in CLDY and are delighted with our decision to switch.
Alan Ng
Alan Ng
Love the support provided by CLDY team, super helpful and fast!
Borghild Bertolano
Borghild Bertolano
Great work!
Patrick Loo
Patrick Loo
Excellent Email & Web Hosting knowledge and super fast response support service. Best Email & Web Hosting Vendor we have ever subscribed.
Myron Tay
Myron Tay
Awesome support and good speed with impecible pricing.
Geoffrey Fan
Geoffrey Fan
Very experienced engineer... providing effective and speeding services.....
Ruby Enrika Tan
Ruby Enrika Tan
We recently made the decision to switch our hosting services to CLDY after over a decade with our previous provider. The transition was a significant step for us, as we had hesitated to make any changes due to concerns about our website's stability and the technical expertise required. From the initial contact with the sales team to the ongoing support from the technical team, our experience with CLDY has been nothing short of exceptional. John Lee, from the sales team, provided us with reassurance and confidence in the transition process, delivering on the promises made during the pitch. One of our main worries was the potential impact on our website during the migration process. However, the support team at CLDY ensured that everything went smoothly, addressing our concerns promptly and effectively, even during weekends. The migration itself was swift and seamless, thanks to the professionalism and knowledge demonstrated by the CLDY team. We are sincerely grateful for their support throughout the entire process. We wholeheartedly recommend CLDY to anyone in need of hosting services. Their commitment to professionalism and expertise has made us confident in our decision to switch, and we are delighted to have finally found a trustworthy and high-quality hosting provider in CLDY.
I Gusti Agung Sugihartha
I Gusti Agung Sugihartha
Fast respon, we contact by WhatsApp 👍

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

VPS is a server that can be highly customized, unlike regular web hosting plans. It does not share files and server resources (disk space, CPU, RAM) with other users. This is why VPS hosting plans have more consistency when compared to a regular or business web hosting plan.


If you require a better website and email performance than business hosting plans, try a VPS plan with a minimum of 4CPU/8GB. You can get a VPS with as many as 32 cores and up to 192GB RAM from us.

What is in Managed VPS?

In each of the Managed VPS – vpsDual

  • Compute and Storage (USD24)
  • Daily Snapshots (USD6)
  • cPanel License (USD17.49)
  • JetBackup License (USD8.95)
  • Remote Backup Storage (USD6)
  • 24/7 Monitoring Subscription (USD5)
  • Mail Delivery Gateway (USD10)
  • 24/7 Managed Services & Technical Support (USD100)


Now only SGD149/month (bundle valued at USD177.44 / ~SGD244)

What is Managed VPS hosting?

CLDY manages the hardware, networking, storage, backup and virtualisation layer. Customer can focus on customising their scripts, software and application.


For additional coverage, go for Fully Managed VPS.


Check out our managed and fully managed comparison table.

Why are VPS plans more expensive than Web Hosting or Business Hosting Plans?

Regular web hosting usually splits software and licensing costs across all the users sharing the server. On the other hand, virtual private servers (VPS) do not let other users share licenses and compute resources.

Since only you can access them, the entire cost of licensing and compute resources will be covered solely by you.

When should I move to VPS Hosting?
If you want to scale more from your shared hosting or simply want more control, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the next recommendation for your hosting needs. This gives you more freedom with root access to Apache and PHP. When you choose VPS, you have the luxury to select a configuration best partnered for your applications, requirements, and growth.
Who can use a VPS?

Those with technical expertise are recommended to use our VPS hosting package although you will not find it much more difficult than using a shared hosting experience. Our packages are user-friendly. You will be able to manage your plan via cPanel as well. Those who require more resources consistently should definitely upgrade to VPS hosting.

How do I upgrade my VPS?
Upgrade your VPS experience anytime by contacting our 24/7 support or you may contact us at our Whatsapp, call us up by clicking the upper right side of our website.
How do I migrate my web hosting content to a VPS?
If you’re currently a CLDY shared hosting customer, you may contact us for migration. A paid migration service is also available for those who are not with us yet. You may also do your own migration of data and application to your VPS as well as reconfigure the DNS.

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