SpamShield Premium Anti-Spam

Generated 99% accuracy on clearing Spam for 14,000 businesses


Time is money.

Get the peace of mind you need from CLDY’s Anti-Spam.


Time is money.

Get the peace of mind you need from CLDY’s Anti-Spam.

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SpamShield Is Up and Ready To Defend


Blocks the Dangerous Mail From the Server


Delivers the Clean Email

How can SpamShield Help your Business?

Gain Great Productivity

Let your employees skip dealing with daily spam messages by gaining control over their email flows. Spend the time saved by giving your business a productivity boost on a yearly basis while you enjoy a great return on investment.


Precision in Spam and Virus Elimination

Our SpamShield filter system achieves around 99% without any fine-tuning required. Changes in spam and virus attack trends are quickly given new definitions and shields are updated automatically, giving you that much-needed protection.

Protect Good Emails

Locate dubious emails through our easy-to-use control panel where you can online quarantine them in one click, assuring you that good emails arrive in your inbox at all times.


Network Security

SpamShield is a one-stop-shop for protection against spam, phishing emails, virus-infected emails, Trojans, and other malware. It massively lowers the risk of your employees unknowingly opening harmful attachments or becoming victims of phishing or harvesting attacks.

Save Time & Resources

Let your in-house IT spend more time doing other important tasks as we’ve got you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make sure that relevant emails enter your network reducing the load and bandwidth of your network infrastructure.


High Performing Email Continuity

Never worry that your mail server will be down ever again. Let the inbound filter accept messages and queue them for automatic message delivery, which you can preview web-based so you can continue working on them. SpamShield’s inbound anti-spam system will add another failover layer to your email infrastructure making sure you receive the good emails on time.

Full Control

SpamShield comes with our proprietary, user-friendly control panel. Get full access to quarantine, manage blacklists and whitelists, search logs, and fully configure the spam filters according to your needs. You have 100% full control over your emails and can be assured that nothing ever gets lost!


Frequently Asked Questions

SpamShield was born out of the need of more and more companies who begin remote working options where there is a need for security software to protect digital data to ensure the confidence of partners and stakeholders. It employs a proprietary mesh of technologies developed over the years to deal with spam issues. This means all spam emails along with potentially dangerous scam emails get automatically filtered through this technology.

It has generated 99% accuracy for 14,000 businesses in clearing spam accurately, saving businesses time and money, and allowing stakeholders to concentrate on running the more important aspects of their business.

A Cloud-based, Anti Spam service is an email filtering solution hosted in the cloud rather than a more traditional physical appliance or on-premises software installation. As with most Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, a hosted spam filtering service is available on-demand requiring minimal maintenance overheads and requiring no capital investment.

An advantage of being hosted in the cloud is that businesses maintain full control of their email filtering policies and can apply those policies by individual users, user-group, or business-wide through integration with directory services. Setup is quick and easy and requires only a simple change to your MX record.

First, it is simpler and more cost-effective for organizations to connect their mail servers to a cloud-based anti-spam service than it is to install hardware or software-based solutions and maintain and update them.

Second, more filtering techniques can be incorporated into the cloud spam filter, resulting in more effective filtering without negatively affecting network performance.

And last but not least, Cloud-based spam filtering is compatible with all operating systems and infinitely scalable. It allows businesses to adjust their contracts with service providers as the number of users changes.

No spam filtering solution will block 100% of spam and malicious emails without blocking some genuine messages. However, a good spam filter will block in excess of 99% of spam and emails and 100% of known malware. Sandboxing is used to identify new malware that has not been seen before while machine learning mechanisms can identify new phishing threats.
Outbound scanning can help prevent data theft. SpamShield allows you to tag certain data elements and block attempts by employees or threatening persons who have compromised a mailbox from sending certain data to external email addresses. Rules can also be set to scan outbound emails for malware and phishing emails. Setting these rules will prevent accidental and deliberate data leaks. It will also protect against IP reputation damage.