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Get a personalised email address with your domain name, with anti-spam and excellent deliverability, starting from S$1/mo per 5GB user. Large 25GB, 50GB and 100GB options available.


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Online professional identity with your business domain name

Your business is unique, so why not match it with a personalised email address? We can help you do so with your own domain name. (e.g. [email protected].)

Email Hosting Plans

Cloud Mail

Optimized Email Hosting

General purpose email hosting plans with a blend of security and affordability using our multi-cloud platform. Starting from S$1/mo per 5GB user.






Cloud Business Mail

Performance Email Hosting

A heavy duty Business email hosting plan best for SMEs, e-commerce businesses, and frequent email users. Starting from S$2/mo per 25GB user.






Why Choose our Business Emails?

Integrates With Popular Platforms

CLDY email hosting plans integrate seamlessly with popular platforms so that you can communicate with your customers effectively. You'll get email addresses with your own company domain, your own inboxes, the ability to email and reply customers, and much more.

Inbox on the Go

With CLDY mail server, stay connected whenever and wherever you work.

We make sure that you can use your favorite web browser on the go giving you the same experience regardless of how you access your email, whether it’s on a desktop or mobile device. We support a variety of synchronization protocols which include:

Build Trust and Confidence with [email protected]

What’s in a name? For us, it opens windows of opportunities you never thought existed.

Unlike free accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!, your professional email address commands respect and provides value for your clients to let them know that you’re the real deal.

Let us help you reach that value of recognition that you deserve by building trust and confidence with your clients starting with a company custom email address.


User-friendly Control Panel

CLDY provides a powerful email control panel, which allows you to manage email settings, configuration, and customisation.

Other features include adding users, managing group aliases, setting up policies to moderate business email content.

More Storage Space

We know that you get a lot of emails, so why not choose from our plan and get more storage for each mailbox?

When you create a business email with us, you’ll always have space and won’t have to delete emails to make extra room. Ask our support team how to get more out of your storage.

Discoverable Emails with Advanced E-search

Let your email work for you.

CLDY hosted email services offer advanced search options, which instantly surface an email. Find what you need in the nick of time, whether you remember every last detail of an email or even just one word. We got you covered.

Reliable Connections

Be assured of speedy and reliable connections only with CLDY fail-safe clustered servers which provides backup and performance to ensure fast and reliable email service.


Security and Anti Spam

Your peace of mind is important to us.

That’s why we work extra hard to keep your email security from being breached. With CLDY’s advanced security measures, get the peace of mind that you deserve and get your accounts protected from spam, virus, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and more. CLDY comes with spam-filtering software to keep unwanted spam emails at bay. These include:

SSL for Webmail Access

Our webmail service is secured by SSL encryption to protect your personal data from hackers. Starting with this, secure your connection when you access your webmail.

Anti-Spam Filter

Get the pleasure of not dealing with spam emails and gain greater productivity in your business by focusing on what matters most. With our advanced anti-spam scanner, we accurately detect spam, scams, and viruses and eliminate the threat at its core.

Our Testimonials

Andrew Quek
Andrew Quek
After over a decade with our previous hosting provider, we decided to switch to CLDY and couldn't be happier! Our email deliverability and high server load issues faced at the previous provider were solved instantly once we migrated to CLDY's server. CLDY's professionalism and in-depth knowledge made the process very fast and seamless. CLDY offers competitive pricing along with superb, personal, and exceptional service. We highly recommend CLDY for their outstanding customer service and expertise. We've found a trustworthy, high-quality hosting provider in CLDY and are delighted with our decision to switch.
Alan Ng
Alan Ng
Love the support provided by CLDY team, super helpful and fast!
Borghild Bertolano
Borghild Bertolano
Great work!
Patrick Loo
Patrick Loo
Excellent Email & Web Hosting knowledge and super fast response support service. Best Email & Web Hosting Vendor we have ever subscribed.
Myron Tay
Myron Tay
Awesome support and good speed with impecible pricing.
Geoffrey Fan
Geoffrey Fan
Very experienced engineer... providing effective and speeding services.....
Ruby Enrika Tan
Ruby Enrika Tan
We recently made the decision to switch our hosting services to CLDY after over a decade with our previous provider. The transition was a significant step for us, as we had hesitated to make any changes due to concerns about our website's stability and the technical expertise required. From the initial contact with the sales team to the ongoing support from the technical team, our experience with CLDY has been nothing short of exceptional. John Lee, from the sales team, provided us with reassurance and confidence in the transition process, delivering on the promises made during the pitch. One of our main worries was the potential impact on our website during the migration process. However, the support team at CLDY ensured that everything went smoothly, addressing our concerns promptly and effectively, even during weekends. The migration itself was swift and seamless, thanks to the professionalism and knowledge demonstrated by the CLDY team. We are sincerely grateful for their support throughout the entire process. We wholeheartedly recommend CLDY to anyone in need of hosting services. Their commitment to professionalism and expertise has made us confident in our decision to switch, and we are delighted to have finally found a trustworthy and high-quality hosting provider in CLDY.
I Gusti Agung Sugihartha
I Gusti Agung Sugihartha
Fast respon, we contact by WhatsApp 👍
Lawrence Lye
Lawrence Lye
Fast and efficient setup! Excellent service and response from Jonathan. Highly recommended!
Sheng Loo Lim
Sheng Loo Lim
very helpful and prompt in response! replied and troubleshoot for me within half an hour after I texted them. well done!

We Position you to Win

With your unique identity in place thanks to your professional email address, you get to experience the ease of communicating with your customers that will take you places.

At CLDY, you will experience a simplicity of function which helps you transact business with confidence. Our speedy and stable lines will guarantee multiple redundancies and fail-safes in place which gives you 200% Uptime protection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mom or pop store, or a rising champion of your business field, we’re here to give you hands-on support that will be in tune to all your email hosting needs.

Singapore Email Hosting Features

At CLDY, we don't just believe in giving you industry-standard hosting features. We believe in providing top-notch, global-standard Multi-Cloud hosting, which we boost with security and encryption that protects your websites and email accounts with only the industry's best infrastructure.

Unmatched Support

Creating a business email has never been easier. With CLDY, you don’t need to go into technicals to get your business email. Instead, our 24/7 Expert Support Team is here to help with email, phone, live chat, or remote help. We’re here for you no matter what!

Data Privacy and Security

We know that your information is private and critical. We work hard to ensure its safety and security. Our strict security policies help you encrypt your email connections for maximum email security.

Email Software Compatibility

All CLDY email hosting plans support POP3, IMAP and SMTP. You can easily send and receive emails using a web browser, mobile or desktop email client as long as you are connected to Internet.

Easy Email Migration

Here at CLDY, migration is a seamless process. We keep it as simple as possible. Even without any major email providers, you only need to know the server login details of your current account and which users you would like to migrate to. CLDY takes care of the rest.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Not happy with our services? No problem! We have a money-back guarantee policy so you can have peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Email Hosting?
An Email Hosting is what is known as an Internet hosting service that utilizes email servers to cater to businesses that rely on emails as their main channel of communication. CLDY offers professional email hosting plans as unique as your identity, allowing you to personalize your emails to your domain name.
What is the Advantage of a Business Email Hosting?
An advantage of a professional email is that it gives off professionalism and adds credibility to your email. With CLDY, you can be assured of a professional email plan that is secure, feature-rich, and ad-free compared to free email service providers.
Is CLDY Email Hosting a good alternative to Google App?

Ouch. Gsuite is no longer free and if you’re looking for large storage email hosting, the prices are about to knock you off your feet.
But don’t worry: we’ve got your back. If you’re looking for large storage email hosting and want to spend less, we have good news for you.

Our email hosting is a perfect alternative to Gsuite. With our email hosting, you can get:

– 25GB space and secure email accounts

– Award-winning anti-spam protection

– Full support of all major email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird)

– Easy migration from Google

Can i migrate from Gsuite to CLDY Email Hosting?

Yes, most definitely. We specialize in helping businesses like you migrate all of their email data from Gsuite to CLDY and we can do it all in as little as one night. We know how much your business relies on your email, and we take that responsibility very seriously. You can rest easy knowing that our experts have years of experience handling data migration for businesses just like yours.

What Ports do I need to use to set up my Email Hosting connection on devices?

The port used for SMTP Outgoing Mail Server is 465. In case you face any issues with port 465, you can use port 25 for sending emails.

The port used for POP3 incoming emails is 995. You can also make use of 110 for receiving your emails.

The port used for IMAP incoming emails is 993. Should you face any issues with this, make use of 143 to receive your emails.

What is the best Email Hosting plan I can choose for me and my business?

Please be guided by the following questions when choosing a suitable email hosting plan:


  • How many email inboxes/addresses do you need?
  • Do you require any web hosting services?


If you have any inquiries on how to decide on the best plan for you, contact our friendly sales engineers at

Can I migrate my other contacts from other platforms to CLDY Email Hosting??

Here at CLDY, we make migration as simple as possible. You only need to know the server details of your previous account and which users you would like to migrate to.


Our friendly pre-sales engineer will guide you through the process, and you can view your notifications and updates in your Control panel. We know that data is important to you, so we handle it with good care and security. An exact replication of emails, folders, and read our team will govern structures in your email account.

How many emails can I create with my Email Hosting Package?

Depending on the package you choose, you can create as many as 20 emails. You can choose from these packages:


Professional Email Hosting:


Email 10$ 10 SGD
Mailboxes: 10
Storage: 5 GB each


Email 20$ 20 SGD
Mailboxes: 20
Storage: 5 GB each


Enjoy optimized email hosting plans with a blend of security and affordability using our multi-cloud platform.

What is the space provided per email account for CLDY Email Hosting?

Each mailbox is given 5 GB or 25GB of storage depending on the package you subscribe.

What is your CLDY Email Hosting SPAM policy?
We work extra hard to keep your email security from being breached. That’s why CLDY comes with spam-filtering software to keep unwanted spam emails at bay, which includes SSL For Webmail Access and Anti-Spam Filter, which detects spam, scam, and viruses eliminating threats from its core.
What is the maximum email attachment size for Email Hosting?
At CLDY, we have a limit of 50 MB for outgoing emails, which includes email attachments. If the attachment is more than this size, we recommend using FTP or third-party cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox.
Does CLDY Email Hosting have any email sending limits?

CLDY has an email sending limit on a per-hour basis to ensure top deliverability for mail hosting clients. The limit varies according to packages, eg. CloudMail3 comes with 200 outgoing emails per hour.

Would it be possible for me to transfer the email hosting I currently have to you?
Of course, you can! We can even lend a hand in the migration of your emails to our email hosting for free. If you have any enquiries for migration, you can contact our pre-sales engineer via [email protected].
How secure is your Email Hosting?

With our cloud-based outbound and inbound filtering, you can be assured that our email hosting services are spam-free. This is because our filtering identifies and blocks spammers automatically.


Our Inbound Filtering protects our clients from malicious emails while our Outbound Filtering service gets rid of email delivery issues caused by IP address blocklisting. To improve security, we also help to put a stop to compromised scripts and accounts.

What is the cheapest Email Hosting plan offered by

The Cloudmail3 plan is’s cheapest email hosting plan. This plan allows you to create up to 3 professional email addresses. Each email address will be assigned 5GB of storage. Ideal for small businesses.

Experience Email Hosting in Absolute Privacy & Security Only at CLDY

From small and medium-scale solutions to enterprise needs, we've got you covered! Host your email with CLDY today!