Email Spoof Tool

Keep your email safe from spoofers – reel in the risks with our Email Spoof Tool!

How to use Email Spoof Tool?

Enter Email Address

Provide the necessary information such as your name and email address to begin testing.


Click Submit To Test

This typically involves sending a test email from your email address unauthorised server to your designated email account server.

Review The Results

You will expect 2 possible responses:
1. Good news! Your email is secure.
2. Bad news! Your email is not secure.

Review Results and Take Action

Good news! Your email is secure.

This indicates that the email security measures are working as intended and can detect and prevent email spoofing attacks. If the domain spoofing test is successful, the test email that was sent from the spoofed address is be ingblocked or marked as suspicious by the email security measures in place, such as spam filters or anti-virus software. The email may not be delivered to the recipient’s inbox, or it may be delivered but flagged as potentially dangerous.

Bad news! Your email is not secure.

This indicates that the email security measures in place are not effectively detecting or preventing email spoofing attacks. If the domain spoofing test is not successful, the test email that was sent from the spoofed address may be delivered to the recipient’s inbox without being blocked or marked as suspicious. In this case, the domain owner should take appropriate actions to improve their email security measures and prevent future email spoofing attacks. 

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What is Email Spoof Tool?

Email Spoof Tool can help assess your email address’s vulnerability to email spoofing attacks and identifies any potential weaknesses in your email security measures. Email spoofing is a sneaky tactic used by cybercriminals to trick your employees or customers into giving away sensitive information or downloading malware.  You can easily determine if your email address is at risk of being spoofed by using the Email Spoof Tool.

How Email Spoof Tool works?

Email Spoof Tool works by simulating an email spoofing attack on your own email address to determine if it is vulnerable to such attacks. During the test, an email is dispatched from an unauthorised server to your specified email account, appearing to be sent from your own email address as well. The email may appear to be from a trusted sender or source, such as a bank, a government agency, or a well-known brand.

Once the test email has been sent, the Email Spoof Tool will analyze the email traffic to determine if it was successfully delivered to the designated email account, and if any security measures were triggered to prevent the email from being delivered or opened. The test may also analyze the email headers to determine if the email authentication protocols, such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, were correctly implemented and configured.

Based on the results of the test, user of the tool can take appropriate steps to improve the security of their email address. This may include implementing additional email security measures, configuring email authentication protocols correctly, educating users on how to recognize and respond to suspicious emails, and regularly monitoring email traffic for potential threats.


Email spoofing is a serious threat to the security and integrity of email communication.

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