CLDY Service Guarantees

We’re trusted by over 20,000 users worldwide. See why the Grass is Greener on our side through what we Guarantee.


What to Expect from CLDY Services

This is what differentiates us from other web hosts



Our systems are guaranteed with 360 all-rounded easy-to-do setups or if you find it complex, we do the heavy lifting for you setting up your systems at par with your standards.



The capability to stay up, all the time, at any time is not an easy feat. CLDY guarantees at least 99.8% uptime per month based on cutting-edge technology. We'll pay you up to 200% of your monthly hosting if we don't fulfil that promise.



CLDY reassures you that we will provide you with a resolution within 4 hours on the moment you need us for client-side support. And if we fail to provide you with that, we will give you access to the head of support for one month.



The World Wide Web is full of threats, which is why our servers and your websites are backed up with SSL and industry-standard encryption. CLDY assures 200% security and if you get compromised because of our systems, we will pay you up to 200% of your monthly hosting fee.



We’re designed for speed, providing you at least 30% faster than our competitors for your hosting satisfaction. CLDY guarantees that your cloud hosting runs in a lean and agile manner and if we slow down, and you can find another host 30% faster than us, we will give you free 6 months of hosting.

CLDY’s Curated Cloud

We’ve got it all for you


VPS Hosting

We have dedicated servers that put the power in your hands giving you the freedom to build innovatively and access greater resources.



A cost-friendly option that delivers sophisticated hosting management that’s flexible, scalable, and reliable.


Google Cloud Platform

One of the world’s leading AI developers that gives you access to Big Data and Machine Learning platforms, helping to scale your business on the right track.


Linode Hosting

Accelerate innovation with a hosting platform that provides you with simplicity and affordability, built to inspire teams.


DigitalOcean Hosting

Deploy faster and scale easier with a hosting platform that saves you time and money.

CLDY Hosting Technology with C3.Gen



Instead of typical out-of-the-box configurations, C3.Gen comes with custom configurations that automatically allows for adaptive efficiency in loading your web pages. This allows for website speeds that you can only experience with CLDY - up to a 500% increase in website speeds.


Ultimate security

Even in a multi-tenanted environment, all our client accounts have strict isolation through smart traffic filtering and AI-driven shielding technology. This, combined with state-of-the-art Web Application Firewalls, and 24/7 Backups, allow our customers the greatest peace of mind.



Conventional hosting accounts have low resource limits. C3.Gen uses Active Optimisation Prioritisation technology that gives our customers the maximum resources while allowing their websites to function at maximum performance. Together with enterprise-grade hardware, this allows CLDY clients to enjoy 200% uptime protection.

What you should know about our CLDY SpamShield

SpamShield has been filtering up to 900,000 spam emails from our customers, who are entrepreneurs and medium-to-large scale businesses, since launching last August 2021.

CLDY guarantees that it works alongside tighter security measures by companies focusing on email hosting security which prevents loss of funds and filtering financial scams for businesses and individuals through emails.

What you should know about our CLDY SpamShield


CLDY works to educate its customers and calls on business leaders in charge of security to be vigilant during this time and to include security as a necessary feature in business planning.

To date, SpamShield has generated 99% accuracy for 14,000 businesses in clearing spam accurately, saving businesses time and money, and allowing stakeholders to concentrate on running the more important aspects of their business.

Click here for more information about SpamShield and how it can save your business from malicious SPAM attacks.

Trust in our People


We bring to the table over 60 years of experience across our leadership team, a human capital that is perhaps the most important factor in our CLDY Guarantee. We promise to provide 24/7 Support. Our team is structured to take on different types of hosting and ad-hoc support ensuring you that we tackle relevant issues on the spot that you may encounter.

Whether you’re a customer choosing a new service for the first time or one that wishes to move to us as you believe our promise of a better hosting experience, we assure you of a dedicated delivery team to ensure that your websites and emails are up and running or migrated well to our end.

Our support is easy to reach and you can do so either via email, live chat, or phone.

CLDY guarantees that we will do our best to accurately and swiftly answer your questions and provide solutions within a 4-hour period for any difficulties.

Learn more about the CLDY Disaster Recovery Plan

Data Loss that’s not expected affects businesses of all types. This can happen at any time and without warning. That’s why CLDY believes that Data Backups are a minimum requirement for all businesses. This is our ultimate Disaster Recovery Plan.

CLDY protects your online assets with its Daily Backup and Recovery 24/7 on a 14-day run. This service is an add-on to your current web hosting plan and comes highly recommended in the wake of malicious malware attacks and unplanned Data loss.

CLDY Guarantees easy restoration of any files, folders, or database using our simple backup and restoration tool accessible in your hosting control panel.

If you want to learn more about how it works. Click on the link below to see our Advance Disaster Recovery Plan through Backup and Restore.

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We feature articles that educate you about Cloud Hosting and its many applications. We make sure that you get your weekly dose of information that will help you learn something new. We make sure that our articles are newbie-friendly and rich with information that will help you run your websites in the most optimum manner possible.

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