Discover Singapore’s 4 Finest Social Media Marketing Agencies

A good social media marketing plan gives businesses a healthy boost of visibility, builds relationships, and increases the customer base. It’s been done all over the world, and Singapore is not one to miss out on this with its plethora of buzz-worthy social media content created by its thriving digital agencies.

We give you a list of agencies that have proven their merits, each with different specialisations and expertise. Choose from our list of top social media marketing agencies and we’re sure they can be incredible assets to your marketing efforts.


1. FirstCom Solutions

firstcom solutions logo social media marketing Website: Specialisation: Social Media Marketing, Google Marketing, Creative Production, Web Design and Web Development, Ecommerce Development Clientele: Takashimaya, StarHub, National University of Singapore, Tsing Tao, and more FirstCom Solutions, first and foremost, is a homegrown brand proud of its Singaporean roots. It is a digital marketing agency that offers social media marketing services. This social media agency in Singapore has the privilege of transforming little-known small and medium-scale Singaporean businesses into blockbuster attractions in their own field. They handle everything from picture and video production to strategic posting. On their site, there is a recorded 64x Return on Advertising Sale (ROAS). Quite impressive for a programme that runs only for less than 5 months. Their secret? Appealing pictures and thought-provoking videos piqued the audience’s attention. FirstCom Solutions shares their social media marketing strategy and how they capture the attention of their targeted audience: compelling-graph social media marketing firstcom solutions social media marketing sample firstcom solutions


2. OOm

Website: Specialisation: Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Creation, Web Design and Development Clientele: Louis Vuitton, Rentokil, British Council, Decathlon, Hitachi, and more

Oom is world-class with regional offices in Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and China. This social media marketing company in Singapore has a diverse range of clientele in the Asia-Pacific region. Oom has many accolades, which include winning the Overall Local Hero Agency Award in 2022 as well as being recognised in the top 3% of Google Partners in Singapore—not an easy feat to accomplish.

Oom is recognised as a Meta Business Partner. This means they are vetted for excellence by Facebook for meeting stringent standards. They have also been personally trained by Facebook and are equipped with all-around support on the platform, which includes strategizing and running advertisements. Their social media marketing strategy always includes clients’ ownership of ideas, working alongside them on the final content for a truly personalised approach.

This social media company is one for the books. Check out the designs they have done for their clients: oom clients social media design


3. Impossible Marketing

imposible-marketing Website: Specialisation: Social Media Marketing, PSG Grant, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation, Video Marketing Clientele: Singtel, Castlery, Vivo Smartphone, Lazada Group, Nangyang Technological University, and more

Impossible Marketing’s tagline “made for the locals by the locals” makes them another homegrown talent that Singaporeans can be proud of. They are strong believers in supporting local talents and businesses and regularly give back to the community. Like many social marketing agencies on this list, this social media marketing agency is once again brimming with awards, the latest being the 2021 Performance Marketing Agency of the Year. Perhaps, it’s their strong insider knowledge of the culture, consumer and digital marketing climate in Singapore that clinches this award.

This Social Media Agency in Singapore is one of the few that partnered with the Productivity Solution Grant (PSG), the government’s initiative to help SMEs invest in technology and IT solutions to enhance their existing business processes and boost productivity. 70% funding is readily available to any SME that selects pre-approved solutions, including Impossible Marketing’s Digital Marketing Solutions. Impossible Marketing is recognised as a Meta Business Partner with accumulated experience of handling more than 10 million dollars in ad spend.

Here are the clients they helped succeed digitally: impossible marketing clientele


4. Hashtag Interactive

Website: Specialisation: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing Clientele: Clarins Paris, Dumex, Electrolux, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Dumex, and more

Hashtag Interactive is a digital marketing agency that offers digital solutions for real-world marketing solutions. With offices in Singapore and Manila, this social media advertising agency works with diverse clients, from SMEs to household name big brands. They’re known for executing meaningful Content Marketing, engaging Social Media Marketing, and results-oriented Performance Marketing. As a Social Media Marketing Agency, they carry out effective tailor-made strategies based on their clients’ needs. To be a Social Media expert is to walk through the market. Hashtag Interactive immersed themselves in their target online community and worked to understand how they think and act. They don’t just listen to their customers, they get personal and earn their trust by building solid and authentic connections.

Whether you’re looking to engage customers, build brand credibility, or mitigate PR risks, this top social media agency in Singapore has got you covered. It’s also worth noting that Hashtag Interactive provides clients with the most recent and up-to-date social media tools and techniques, ensuring they get the best social network solutions the web has to offer.

How do they do it? By focusing on these four key areas: key areas of focus hashtag interactive


With social media platforms becoming increasingly popular in every region, marketers are looking at different angles to reach out to their target audience. May it be photos featuring a day in your life, a heartfelt quote or message, or an impactful collaboration with influencers. Whatever your strategy is, we hope that this list of social media marketing agencies will guide you to collaborate with any one of them for your campaign.

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