CloudFlare Major Outage on 21 June 2022

Many Singapore Websites go offline for more than an hour after Cloudflare outage on 21st June 2022, 2.43PM Singapore Time.

What happen to cloudflare today?

Today Cloudflare is down. Many Singapore Websites are reported to go offline for more than an hour after Cloudflare outage. It is believed that Cloudflare serves 1/3 of the worlds websites. If you serve 1/3 of the internet, you will expect the world to know of your outage. This means that as a User, if were to be going to 3 different websites, i will find that 1 is down. Here are some behind the scenes and what we found when cloudflare is down :

Not only cloudflare service is down, the website is down too.

Cloudflare updated the status that the were investigating the incident.

Discord messaging system is affected as well.

Webmaster’s Monitoring Notification Started Flooding In.

What is cloudflare?

In simple explanation, Cloudflare is a service mainly subscribed by website owner to enhance their website visitors experience on the internet.

1)Cloudflare hides your server ip address. It makes it difficult for hacker to target your website.
2)Cloudflare gives your website DDOS Protection against DDOS attack from anywhere in the world.
3)Cloudflare gives your website CDN to help your website load faster from anywhere in the world.
4)Cloudflare gives your website a firewall for you to decide who can and who cannot access your website.
5)The setting up process for these items used to be very difficult to do in the past.


Why is cloudflare so popular?

These services that are just mentioned is traditionally very expensive to deploy and the reason why it is so popular for all websites because it is FREE. Hosting providers, IT vendors and Web Developers are all fan of this services. Therefore over the years, these services has became a norm to have for websites.


What it means to you or your web businesses when cloudflare is down?
When a user tries to serve a website, Cloudflare services is the gateway for retrieving website information. If Cloudflare services are down, the web request will not be able to pass through cloudflare to retrieve information from the services. This is what is happening today @ Jun 21, 06:43 UTC which is about 2.43PM Singapore Time.


Is CLDY hosted websites affected?
Yes. Websites that adopt Cloudflare will be inaccessible.


As a Internet user, what it means to me when Cloudflare is down vs Broadband is down? Are they similar?

When your broadband is down you will not be able to visit websites at all from your devices.When Cloudflare is down, you will not be able to visit websites that uses cloudflare as a services.Coincidentally, Starhub broadband has a outage today as well. What a day.


If Cloudflare is down again, what can you do about it at the moment in time?(As a normal user)
Our recommendation is to take a break and get a coffee instead of find ways to bypass it.There is nothing much you can do but to leave it to cloudflare to resolve the issue.Cloudflare company is tested and proven to be trustworthy, and by far their outage is very rare.It is believed that Cloudflare serves 1/3 of the worlds websites.They have brilliant brains there to create this and you can be sure the engineers there are fixing it.Based on Cloudflare Service Status Page, the incident is resolved.


What can you do about it when Cloudflare is down?(As a webmaster)
Our recommendation is to take a break and get a coffee instead of find ways to bypass it.If you know what is going on and understand how domain name works and want to take matters into your own hands, there is still a way.You can login to your domain registrar client already and start changing your domain nameservers away from cloudflare.This way your domain will be connected to your server without going through cloudflare.There are some users that tries to login to cloudflare to  turn on ONLY DNS instead of PROXY.That is a logical move to bypass cloudflare till the user actually realise cloudflare website is down.Besides even we are able to do that, the SSL certificate will be removed as well forcing HTTPS to stop working temporary.It is just not worth the effort. Lets just have that coffee and leave it to the experts to fix it.


Here is the full report of the downtime taken from Cloudflare Status Page (

Users attempting to reach Cloudflare sites in impacted regions will observe 500 errors. The incident impacts all data plane services in our network.

We will continue updating you when we have more information.
Jun 21, 06:43 UTC

Jun 21, 06:57 UTC
Investigating – A critical P0 incident was declared at approximately 06:34AM UTC. Connectivity in Cloudflare’s network has been disrupted in broad regions.

Jun 21, 07:20 UTC
Identified – The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.

Jun 21, 07:51 UTC
Monitoring – A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.

Jun 21, 08:06 UTC
Update – We are still monitoring the result.

Jun 21, 2022
Cloudflare Service Issues
Resolved – This incident has been resolved.’s views? Cloudflare is up now. We are all back online now. Should you be worried?

The whole incident to fixed is from Jun 21, 06:43 UTC – Jun 21, 07:51 UTC
(43 mins to complete)

The whole incident detecting, investigating, identifying to confirm resolved took about Jun 21, 06:43 UTC – Jun 21, 08:06 UTC
(1 hour 20 mins )

The speed to resolve the issue is really fast for a company that is responsible of 1/3 of the websites in the world.
Outages do happen to big or small providers. However it is important that the company is always prepared to fix the issue fast which we can see cloudflare is doing a very good job in handling the situation.

Our recommendation is to continue using CloudFlare. They are tested and proven to be trustworthy, and by far their outage is very rare.

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