Remember WordPress Openverse? It Has Fully Launched!

If there’s anything that’s crucial to bloggers, vloggers, social media mavens, video producers, graphic designers, web designers, and all forms of creative needs, it’s stock media. 

Stock media is super useful in creating content, and creatives would do well to know where to find them or use a Pro service that gives them the best stock media at the most pocket-friendly prices. 

Nothing beats FREE, however, and that was why everyone loved Creative Commons and everything Open Source Media. 

If you remember at the start of the year, we talked about how WordPress had acquired Creative Commons and created WordPress Openverse.

Creative Commons had had struggles with its operations expenses, and WordPress came in to rescue that.

In an announcement made on April 27, 2021, WordPress Founder, entrepreneur, and Open Source advocate Matt Mullenweg announced that the Creative Commons Search Engine is going to join the WordPress fold. 

By December 2021, netizens saw a soft launch of WordPress Openverse with a rudimentary theme, and a meagre collection of media.

Recently, WordPress Openverse launched with a full yellow-themed interface for Openverse, and a tagline indicating “Browse through over 600 million items to reuse.” 

This screenshot is from the WordPress website

Six hundred million. Items. For your creativity. 

You may be thinking, “Wow. That’s a whole lot.” So where do you get started using Creative Commons, now WordPress Openverse content? 

Why Create Compelling Content?

You might be starting a blog, vlog, or podcast just as a creative outlet. See if it takes off. However, if you’re running a company, content drums up sales and marketing. It’s the perfect way for your audience to see what your company is about, and it’s the best way to keep customers, regulars, loyal clientele, and new customers alike, engaged. 

Actually, compelling content is best for drawing new customers. Marketing is not just about throwing together contests and events. Marketing is also about ongoing storytelling, and a blog, vlog, or even podcast, is a great way to do that. 

Punctuate, Accentuate, Or Pepper Your Blog With Photos

Let’s face it, humans are very visual creatures. We respond to content when there’s something to see. You can just add a Featured Photo the way we do here at CLDY, accentuate your blogs with illustrations only as needed, or if you wanna go crazy and just fill your blog with images, go! 

Just take note that too much might cause your website to load slowly, so you might want to look for tools that would help you determine the number of images you can safely add to your blog, for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization and optimizing your website’s load times. 

If you want to know how to get started creating a blog, we have written a great comprehensive guide on how to start a blog. Make sure it’s hosted on the right hosting that gives you stability and security, make sure your blog’s grammar and spelling are perfect, and you’re good to go!

Create Compelling Content With Outsourced Audio

Let’s face it, writing could be tedious. You can actually just throw together quick videos about your company, your topics, the products you endorse, and similar content and add Openverse audio to make things snazzier and more interesting. 

Tips for Creating Multimedia as Marketing or Blog Content: 

  • Create templates for your Intro and Outro. This makes stitching your episodes or multimedia posts easier and faster to do. 
  • Bookmark the audio and media that you like. This makes things easier to come back to as needed. 
  • Use a great Multimedia plugin to embed your files well. WordPress already has a great Multimedia manager in place, but you might want to add other plugins that will help you manage or present your media better. 

Create Illustration Slides, Host Them As Video, Use Openverse Images & Audio

Instructional videos are great online. They receive traction because people learn new things from them. When you run out of original content, add Openverse images to illustrate your points clearer, and yes, use Openverse audio to add a cool audio accent to your work. 

Using Openverse On Social Media

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook reach larger audiences, so aside from hosting media on your own blog, you would do well to make sure that they’re seen on social media as well. Follow our tips on how to use Openverse media on multimedia compositions that you publish, and host them on Social Media channels. It’s always impressive to see companies on social media, aside from hosting their own website. 

Use Openverse Content On Your Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters are a great personal touch for your loyal customers. If you’re a restaurant, for example, you can inform them what’s new on your menu. If you have promotions, it’s a great way to let your customers and invite them to join.

For tech companies, software updates and new software rollouts are greatly published as content in a newsletter. 

Magazines and publishing outfits send out newsletters as a given, and if you’re a publication startup, Openverse images and audio for your videos, which you can actually embed in newsletters, are perfect.

Tips For Creating Your Marketing Arsenal And Creating It Well

None of these would be made possible if you don’t have the right foundation of the right email and web hosting. We at CLDY make that possible for you. Our emails handle up to 150MB in attachments, and you can definitely link our email addresses to the right newsletter service you choose. 

Of course, if you run a blog or company website, making sure it runs on stable and secure servers is a top priority. You don’t want downtime. At CLDY, we ensure that our infrastructure is secure from attacks, and we have enforced the toughest security measures in the industry, in the quest for encryption and malicious attack protection. Our Multi cloud-based servers are also best-in-class in the industry, so you can rest easy that when you host with CLDY, you’re working with servers that ensure excellent service. 

Beyond Creativity

WordPress Openverse is a hub not just for free content, but it is the bastion and symbol of all things that are good in the internet and software development. Open Source is always the symbol of hope for software, because not only does it present an affordable, free alternative to paid services, but it also discourages piracy.

Giving, philanthropy, and good deeds are always impressed with any company, and to see WordPress do that by saving the Creative Commons Search Engine is truly a commendable act, indeed. 

We at CLDY not only support WordPress, but we also encourage our clients to use this versatile platform through our WordPress hosting plans. With WordPress doing great things to democratise publishing with open source, we’re super proud that we support this company with a great heart.

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