3 Reliable CCTV Installation Companies To Secure Your Office

As a business owner, you understand the importance of protecting your office and its assets. Knowing that you have a reliable CCTV installation service helps ease your mind that the safety of your employees is ensured. But with so many security companies to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? 

Here are three great options for CCTV installation companies that CLDY listed to help you keep your office safe: 

1. CCTVCamera.com.sg

cctvcamera com sg cctv installation company logo

Website: https://cctvcamera.com.sg/
Services: CCTV camera monitoring, office access control solutions – pre-sale advisory, supplying, cabling, installation, and after-sales support

CCTVCamera.com.sg specialises in CCTV installation, supply, and cabling, and their team of experts will work with you to find the perfect Singapore CCTV solution for your home, office, or business. They offer a wide range of CCTV cameras, from simple indoor models to sophisticated outdoor systems, and they will make sure that your new system is installed quickly and professionally.

Hikvision and Dahua are their leading brands when it comes to IP cameras and HD CCTV cameras Singapore-wide, so you are definitely in good hands when it comes to security and reliability.

You can rest assured that CCTVCamera.com.sg will not just leave you behind after the CCTV installation service. They have dedicated support for both pre-sale and after-sale queries, so you can be guided with any questions or issues you may have.

cctvcamera com sg services


cctvcamera com sg cctv installationThese images are taken from the “CCTVCamera.com.sg” site

2. One Stop Office Solution


Website: https://www.osos.com.sg/
Services: CCTV surveillance system, security system, alarm system, video conferencing products, and more

One Stop Office Solution has been providing Singapore CCTV installation services for more than a decade and has the experience and expertise to ensure that your office spaces are well protected. They offer a wide range of security solutions and services, including CCTV surveillance cameras, DVRs, pin/access cards, biometric door access readers, security alarms, and PABX systems.

With One Stop Office Solution’s professional CCTV contractors in Singapore, you can be confident that your office security needs are in safe hands.

Their CCTV surveillance technology can be integrated into any device, so you can monitor your office’s security wherever you may be:

osos cctv installation monitoring on device

osos cctv monitoring on mac and windows pcThese images are taken from “One Stop Office Solution” site

3. CCTV Business


Website: https://www.cctvbusiness.com.sg/
Services: Security installation services, CCTV repairs and maintenance

CCTV Business specialises mostly in CCTV installation for enterprise and corporate settings—from offices and childcare centres to restaurants and cafes. Singapore-wide, CCTV Business takes pride in their work and guarantees the most economical pricing and the best office security system.

In addition to CCTV installation, they also offer repair and maintenance services. Aside from the regular CCTV camera lens cleaning, they also help with implementing necessary improvements to keep your CCTV system in Singapore up-to-date with the latest upgrades to ensure maximum security.

Here’s a quick look at their CCTV security solutions for businesses in Singapore:

security_solutions_innotec_business_intelligence_video_analytics_singapore-1This image is taken from “CCTV Business“site


Securing your office is a top priority, and with the help of these three reliable CCTV installation companies, you can do just that. All of these businesses have extensive experience in the security industry and will work with you to find the perfect surveillance system for your business. Contact one of these businesses today to get started on securing your office.

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