The Top 3 Appointment Scheduling Systems for Your Enterprise

Appointment scheduling simply refers to the process of managing schedules or an arrangement to meet a person. With an appointment scheduling system, clients can automatically book their appointments conveniently with their choice of media, which improves customer experience and leads to improved company efficiency in booking appointments.

CLDY gives you our top pick for appointment scheduling software that helps you create booking pages that can be shared through different channels and ultimately booked by clients.


1. Calendly

calendly appointment scheduling app logo

Service: Appointment Scheduling, Routing Forms, Calendar Connections, and more
Pricing: Comes with Basic Free Features; Paid start from $8/seat/month which is their essential service to $16/seat/month which is their team’s package

The Calendly app is one of the best appointment scheduling software options, allowing you to book your appointment in three simple steps: first, create availability, then share links, and finally, get booked. This appointment scheduling software integrates with many other applications like Zoom, Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier, Paypal, and more.

Another great feature is taking payments from the users at the time of booking with the integrated applications (Paypal and Zapier). Other than that, it works as a professional calendar, creating automatic triggers to remind you of upcoming meetings and announcing availability status automatically. The Calendly scheduling platform is recommended for its ability to automate appointment scheduling procedures, making it one of the most widely used appointment scheduling systems in the world.

Here’s how they make appointment scheduling smart and easy:

calendly intelligent appointment scheduling



2. Timify


Service: Appointment Booking, Online Calendar, Resource Management, Service Management, and more
Pricing: Comes with a free plan; Premium starts with 25 pounds/month; Enterprise highest rate starts with 45 pounds/month

Timify is an online booking that let you add online booking options for any of your services. With just a few simple clicks, customers can self-schedule appointments from your website, social media apps, POS, and more. This online booking system includes a centralised view of team schedules where you can synchronise appointments across all locations, enabling collaborative working no matter how complex your organisation is.

Arrange meetings without the hassle, while Timify automates a range of processes, admin tasks, and communications. The great thing about this user-friendly online booking is its flexibility. Timify’s software’s extensive functionality serves use cases both basic and complex, regardless of the industry or business size. Special requirements beyond standard features can have the system expand functionality via API or develop custom solutions.

Take a look at how innovative Timify’s interface is for your appointment scheduling:

online appointment booking by timify


3. TidyCal

tidycal logo appointment scheduling app

Service: Own Booking Page, Multiple Booking Types:Custom Day Availability, Embed on Any Site, Group Bookings, and more
Pricing: Free plan available, $29 for Lifetime plan

Getting your appointment scheduling system set up is a breeze with Tidycal.

Tidycal is a great way to get started with your appointment scheduling. It’s designed so that it’s easy to set up and use, and even if you’ve never used an appointment scheduling system before, you’ll be able to manage all of the details of your bookings in no time. Just sign up, and they will take care of the hard work for you—literally. There are pre-made booking pages for you that are ready to go! All you need to do is customise them as needed.

The free plan allows you only 1 person per appointment, but with the $29 Lifetime plan, you can have multiple appointments in one timeframe, and even set up paid bookings!

tidycal sample meetings


Every software is unique in its function. Some provide free basic plans, while others provide 24/7 facilities. Appointment Scheduling Systems function to draw in clients to make it convenient to set up an appointment for your company. We provided you with some of the world’s best, and we hope that our research into the company will help you get the best appointment system for your company.

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