The Advantages of Switching to a Cloud-Based Hosting Service

Regardless of the nature and the industry, all businesses have a common fundamental goal – growth. Hence, most business efforts are geared towards ensuring that everything is efficient so that setbacks and costs are kept to a minimum, and most business owners are jumping from traditional servers to cloud hosting services. However, what advantages does a cloud-based hosting service hold that make most businesses switch to them? Let’s take a look at the overview.

What is a cloud-based hosting service?

Technically speaking, the word ‘cloud’ is an electronic virtual structure that stores data from multiple computers. More often than not, businesses have computers used for various purposes such as data entry, archiving essential documents, managing employees, and more. Traditionally, these tasks require a physical server that consumes space and is just as susceptible to damage as most electronic devices. However, with cloud-based hosting, the need for a physical server is withdrawn in favour of internet-based storage and processor. These questions stand – are cloud servers any better than traditional ones? What are its benefits?

Cloud servers are more cost-efficient

If your business uses cloud servers, you don’t have to worry about investing in expensive infrastructure because the service provider will do that. Apart from that, you will only be charged for the service itself and any additional resource that you find helpful for your business, which is an obvious advantage over traditional servers that often come with a set amount of resources that you have to pay for, regardless of whether or not you use them.

Data is stored more securely with cloud servers

Every business has data that is best kept confidential. Storing them on a cloud server for enhanced privacy is a good idea because providers of cloud-based hosting services generally offer secure solutions such as firewalls, identity management, and encrypted data backups. Furthermore, cloud servers have their infrastructure with multiple layers of security, whereas you would need a separate private server to secure confidential information using the traditional hosting model.

Upscaling or downsizing resources are easier

Given the nature of cloud servers, you can quickly increase or decrease your resources based on what you need – should you need a boost in your application, you can easily add more resources such as RAM, available storage, etc., into your server. In comparison, traditional servers have fixed specifications that you can sometimes modify to fit your needs but is often quite a process and quite expensive.

Cloud servers don’t rely on a fixed location

Because following a traditional hosting model means using a physical server, you would have to have a fixed location to store it and work – the farther you are from the server, the slower the loading speeds will be. On the other hand, if your server is cloud-based, you don’t have to limit your options to where you can do your work because it is all virtual. As long as you have a good connection and an internet-capable device, you can be productive anywhere.

Cloud servers can recover from data loss

A feature that all cloud servers have is security data backup that is automatic, which allows for a quick and easy recovery from potential data loss. In contrast, the data recovery with the traditional hosting model is not as seamless. It could even be impossible, especially if only one server holds both your data and applications.


Switching to a cloud-based hosting service from a traditional one will be a good business move. Apart from being more cost-efficient and secure, it is also very configurable and, more importantly, reliable in the face of data loss. We at CLDY provide various options for the best cloud-based hosting services in Singapore, such as email hosting, web hosting, and VPS hosting. Our possibilities are augmented with unparalleled speed, come with no risk, and help you get the best of everything – no wonder our clients love our services.

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