Top 4 Website Monitoring Tools To Transform Your Business

Picking the right website monitoring tool is crucial knowing that it directly impacts your business’s bottom line. With website monitoring tools, one can perform regular tests and alert you whenever needed, making it easier to track down issues and solve them.

There are so many website monitoring tools on the market, starting from simple uptime monitoring to complex web performance monitoring solutions. If you’re in the market for website monitoring software, look no further as we provide you with a list of some of the best options out there.


Free and Basic Website Monitoring Tools

1. Uptime Robot

website monitoring tools company uptime robot logo

Specialisation: Website monitoring, cron job monitoring
Pricing: Free plan available, Professional plans start at $7/month

Uptime Robot is the new kid on the block, providing the greatest bang for your buck. It is a simple tool that will tell you when your services are down. An account for free website monitoring gives you 50 monitors, which is sufficient for small websites or web apps. It also comes with 5-minute monitoring intervals from 12 locations around the globe and 2 months of log storage.

This uptime monitoring website focuses on performing synthetic checks on your site and APIs every 5 minutes. It provides alerts through a number of integrations with tools like Slack, Go Daddy, Moody’s, Telegram, and the list goes on.

Its greatest feature is the 24- month log storage and one-minute checking intervals for the premium plan.



2. Better Uptime

better uptime logo

Specialisation: Free website uptime monitoring, Free monitoring website
Clientele: Canada, Decathlon, Accenture, Make, Redis, and more
Pricing: Free plan available, Professional plans start at $24/month

Best Uptime walks its talk. The attention to detail and willingness to improve is evident. From a monitoring perspective, its free website uptime monitor allows customization of exactly how, when, and from where it occurs. This platform allows you to decide the cause of an incident and how it should be handled. This includes who to notify and how to notify them in case this does not get acknowledged.

Even in its free version, this free monitoring website helps you follow up and prevent the issues from recurring. All this while also keeping your customers in the loop through status pages and subscriptions. Best Uptime is an all-in-one place ready to help everyone achieve better uptime (no pun intended!) that lasts. The only thing missing is its availability in multiple languages then it could be all-encompassing.



Advanced Website Monitoring Tools

3. Site 24×7


Specialisation: Network monitoring, server monitoring
Clientele: NASA, Go Daddy, Juniper Networks, SAP, Ford
Pricing: Free plans available, Paid plans start at $10/month

Site24x7 monitoring system is in a class of its own. For one thing, it has an alert response system every time there is an application that fails to load, network connection issues, performance issues, timeouts, and many more.

Site24x7 server monitoring allows you to visualise how users interact with your website. It gives an in-depth understanding of real problems affecting their experience in real-time. It supports numerous protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, REST, DNS, TCP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and FTP. You can also integrate this with popular third-party services like Zappier for notifications.

Although not free, it provides reasonable pricing plans that scale with you as your business grows. You can try out the system first with its 30-day free trial period that requires no credit card, so you can see how amazing its user experience is.

performance summary site 24x7


transaction-response-time site 24x7


4. 360 Monitoring


Specialisation: Server uptime monitor, uptime monitoring solution
Clientele: PHP, Kamailio, and more
Pricing: Free plans available, Professional Plans start at $4/month

360 Monitoring has a server uptime monitor that lets downtime go unnoticed due to its constant updates running at a one-minute interval, each with upgrades that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

When some systems are reliant on alerts, 360 monitoring tells you the reason behind every downtime. With 360 process monitoring, you can track down every pin and error, letting you solve the problem within minutes. The great thing about its monitoring solution for uptime is that it can be integrated with top database and server technologies. Creating plug-ins has never been this easy.

360 monitoring dashboard


360 monitoring uptime check



The choice is always yours to get a website performance monitoring tool that fits your unique and particular needs. You should take the time to understand which metrics are important to your website. With this, you can filter out tools that allow you to carefully track and monitor them.

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