Top 3 Time Attendance System Software for Higher Productivity

Time attendance system software helps you track the time of employees, provide time sheets, and generate productivity reports. This helps keep your employees on track and accountable for their productivity, as well as finding out if there are any issues with your employee’s daily performance. These are not easy tasks, and the last thing you want is to spend thousands on different tools that cannot streamline these processes.

If you are looking for effective time management software to help you out with these processes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we list down the 3 best time attendance system software that you can use.

1. Akrivia HCM

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Solutions and tools offered: Time & Attendance, Performance Management, Leave Management, Payroll Management, and more

With Akrivia HCM’s cloud-based time attendance tracking system, you can control, monitor, view, and update multiple data points on a single screen.

Log-ins are generated through biometrics and can be tracked with mobile devices using geo-tagging and geo-fencing options. You can even create shift rosters and plan shifts ahead with their easy-to-use time attendance system that’s already integrated with payroll functions.

akrivia time attendance systemImage was taken from the Akrivia HCM site

2. BIPO Service

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Solutions and tools offered: Multi Clock-in Methods, Dynamic Employee Self-service, Real-time Reporting

BIPO has fully integrated advanced technology to fulfil your time attendance system needs.

AI facial recognition and biometric clock-ins help you get accurate payments, while QR codes allow you to keep track of employee hours in real-time. The mobile application for  BIPO’s time attendance management system provides transparency so they can see real-time clock-ins, OTs, and timesheets. Get a real-time look at how many people are working on any given shift, and make sure everyone is getting paid properly for their time with BIPO’s time attendance management software.

Image was taken from the BIPO site

3. Frontier e-HR

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Solutions and tools offered: (Workforce Management System) Time Attendance Management, Casual Labour Management, Timesheet Management System, and more

Frontier e-HR’s time attendance system uses a variety of features to make it easy for you to collect attendance data from your employees. Accurately capture attendance records in real-time using various methods: biometric time clock machine, mobile GPS clocking, virtual clocking, and Excel upload. Keep your HR up-to-date on workforce utilisation, and make sure all of your employees are getting paid correctly.

Improve your HR team’s efficiency with Frontier e-HR’s time attendance system features:

Image was taken from the Frontier e-HR site


These three companies are a great starting point if you’re looking for a time attendance system to help you and your employees measure time, productivity, and attendance. As noted, each of these tools comes with its own perks and its own particularities, but they have one thing in common: they are all up to the challenge of making time tracking an efficient and proactive experience for you and your team.

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