Recruit The Best Candidates With These 3 Talent Management Software

Recruitment has evolved over the years, and modern recruitment practices are leading employers to find a new way: use smart technology. The introduction of talent management software has made it easier than ever to hire top talent and retain them at the company they now choose to work for.

Here’s a list of the 3 best talent management software providers that prove that the future of recruitment is here.

1. Multiplier Technologies

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Solutions and tools offered: Global Hiring, Global Expansion, Global Payroll, Global Benefits, and more

If you’re looking to find the best talent in your market, don’t just limit your search to local talent. Leverage Multiplier’s talent management tools and work with the best global talent that meets your needs.

Multiplier has built an effective talent management system that helps businesses manage the entire talent acquisition process in one place. With one management platform, you can do the whole hiring process up to the contract signing, including onboarding, payroll, and more!


multiplier talent managementImage was taken from the Multiplier site

2. Frontier e-HR

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Solutions and tools offered: Talent Management System, HRMS System, Workforce Management System, and more

Talent management is not just about hiring the right people but also keeping them engaged, motivated and engaged.

The goal of Frontier e-HR’s talent management system software is to bring together the necessary tools you need, connected securely so you can oversee every part of your operations in complete transparency. Through cloud-based technology, you will be able to recruit, develop, and retain your workforce with the use of a Performance Appraisal System, Learning Management System, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and On-Job-Training Software—all of these offered by Frontier e-HR comprehensive management technology.

Look into what one of their services, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), entails:

Image was taken from the Frontier e-HR site

3. Drake International

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Solutions and tools offered: Benefits Administration, Time and Attendance, Payroll Processing, Performance Management, and more

Drake International’s talent management system was created to help businesses from all industries streamline their HR processes and increase efficiency.

With this Singapore talent management system, there are no longer any limitations on where or when your HR team needs to be working. You can access data from anywhere at any time with their Software as a Service (SaaS) model, giving you that peace of mind that you need even when you’re on the go.


The entire recruitment industry has greatly benefitted from the new found transparency in candidate sourcing and management. Thanks to talent management software, it is primed to offer even more functionality, automation and insights over time.

While there are plenty of solutions for recruiting and managing the talent on the market, these three top-rated providers offer some of the best talent management software available today.

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