Register Multiple Domain Names: 5 Reasons Why You Should Try It

To do online business on the web, you must have a domain name. It is also beneficial to register multiple domain names. A domain name (the familiar dot-com) is a unique name for your website. Choosing the right name is no trifling matter and can make or break your business.

You have many factors to consider. The domain name should be commercially relevant to your business and free from legal challenges by other entities. Moreover, it should be something that’s not taken yet— well, technically, you can buy domain names, but we’re talking about cheap options here. Suppose you’ve already chosen a domain name. In that case, the first step should be to register it with a domain name registration service. It’s the only way to have the exclusive right to use a particular domain name.

​​But what happens once you register your domain name? After all, virtual real estate is filled to overflowing and still growing. There are businesses with similar domain names as yours, give or take one letter. And when customers make a misspelling and overlook your website, that’s the traffic you earned but didn’t get.

The more bases you cover, the better. Businesses often buy more than one domain name to account for user error and protect their brand integrity. You have the option to claim several domain names and route them all to your IP address and so to your website. There are many more reasons why you should consider buying more than one domain name.

1. Considering misspellings and typos

It’s a good idea to purchase domain names that are common variations or misspellings of your character. Even if your name is easy to spell and remember, you should still account for human error— and human laziness. This is probably why giants like Facebook feel the need to acquire domains like

2. Getting ahead of the competition 

Competitors will buy your domain name variations because it too is their brand name. Suppose a competitor’s domain name and website are similar to yours, and they call dibs on your name variations. In that case, your potential customers will end up on their turf instead of yours. And remember that they won fair and square.

3. Changing your brand name

If you change your business or brand name, it’s still a good idea to keep the old name so that everyone can find you, especially the old-timers. Domain names usually have a registration period of up to 10 years. If you’re nearing the expiration date, it’s a good idea to keep your old domain as you’re still transitioning.

4. Leveraging TLDs

The TLD is the top-level domain name, the last part of the domain name, which comes after the “dot”. It can come in the form of .com for financial groups, .gov for governmental entities, .edu for educational institutions, etc. Countries also have their own TLDs. This is what you should leverage, especially with geographical targeting or geolocation considerations. Search engines commonly lead customers to businesses closest to them or around their area. Suppose you are scaling your business internationally or want more SEO weight and online exposure. In that case, it may be a good idea to purchase a geolocation domain extension.

5. Beating Cybersquatters at their game

Cybersquatting is a vast and expensive issue for businesses everywhere. Cybersquatting has to do with registering and using a domain name with bad faith and profiteering from a business’ trademark. Cybersquatters deliberately buy domain names reflecting the names of existing businesses to sell the domains back to these businesses at an astronomical price. Nailing down domain names first is how you quash opportunities for cybersquatters. Use domain expiry checker tool for your advantage. It provides you information on the domain’s expiry that you are eyeing to steal. If the domain expires and the owner forgets to renew, you can potentially take over the domain name ownership. Fastest fingers first.


There are many benefits to registering multiple domain names. Registering domain names that you find relevant to your existing domain is an investment that will surely pay off in the future. With such a crowded online space and marketplace, it’s worth holding on to every opportunity that comes your way.

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