Singapore’s Top 3 Expert UX Design Companies To Work With

It is important to note that the demand for UX design companies in Singapore grows as online users are empowered day by day to make their purchases and transactions online. In this field, everything is fast-paced. One new development leads to more intuitive and seamless online experiences. Yet the process behind it is more than technology. UX is a discipline that involves market research, competitor evaluation, and constant testing to arrive at practical and very human solutions.

Here we provide you with a list of the top 3 best Singapore UX design companies that performed above and beyond expectations when it comes to user experiences. They have showcased innovative approaches to improve the industry to present their clients’ brands with pizzazz. Without further ado, here are the companies that CLDY selected for you.

1. Section

section logo

Specialisation: UX, Social Media, Project Management, Media Art
Clientele: OCBC, Zuzu Hospitality, Food Panda, Uniqlo, and more

Section believes that in a world where technology is constantly evolving, a digital creative agency should always be in motion. That’s why this creative agency in Singapore focuses on combining human-centric thinking with the best technology has to offer. But believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be complex. They believe the simpler it is, the more you can convey your message to your target audience. What you get are a curious mind, valuable interactions, and conversations that bring joy to them and their audience.

Every section of the user experience matters and the sum total of these defines the brand’s relationship with its customers. This digital creative agency is set apart from other UX design companies in Singapore by its methods of diving deeper into human needs and behaviours, cross-sectioning and analysing them to help businesses create a user experience like no other.

This is one UX agency to watch. Here are some of their clients:

section healthpass

ux companies in singapore section grab crm




Specialisation: User Experience & Design, Research & Strategy, Digital Transformation, Copywriting and Content, Digital Platforms, Product Design, E-commerce Design, Airlines Website, Booking flows Design
Clientele: Singapore Institute of Technology, EMC, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Decathlon, OCBC, Pepper Global, Jobstreet, Changi Airport, Hyundai, INAX, Transit Link and more.

EIGHTFOUR describes itself as a Full-Service UX Partner, offering tailored and research-backed solutions to clients. They work alongside the region’s biggest and most ambitious clients to imagine, design, and build platforms, experiences, and products that drive digital business and shape perceptions. They state that they exist in a space between science and magic—a place of measurable creativity, and it seems to be working. Companies like the Singapore Institute of Technology, EMC, MAS, OCBC, and Pepper Global took notice and have established partnerships with EIGHTFOUR.

EIGHTFOUR doesn’t work like a normal agency and instead operates like a partner, a consultant (or a close friend) and takes a more involved and collaborative approach — getting clients involved in the research, design, and iteration process.

Some interesting things about EIGHTFOUR are the fact they don’t outsource (everything’s done in Singapore), only focus on a few projects at a time and use a model of dedicated teams to ensure maximum quality.

This clearly pays off as they’re one of the most sought-after creative and design companies in the region. As one of the finest UX design companies in Singapore, their work is worth checking out:


 3. Crashtest Theory

Specialisation: Marketing & Advertising (Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, Logo & Trademarks, Branding Identity, Packaging), Design & Technology (UI / UX Design, eCommerce Development, Video Production, Target Users, Content Creation)
Clientele: Mandai Wildlife Group, American Standard, CHANEL, Hewlett Packard, NISSAN, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel and more

At Crashtest, the digital user experience takes precedence, and their guiding principle is to render complex technologies and processes inconspicuous. With nearly two decades of experience, their strengths in design, programming, and animation empower them to create bespoke solutions that are intuitive, immersive, and engaging, embodying the Crashtest Theory.

Crashtest is represented by a dynamic agency comprising a highly skilled and dedicated team, driven by an unwavering passion for excellence. They are continually seeking out valuable partnerships and collaborations, aiming to redefine the limits of design and technology.

According to Sandy Lee, VP Marketing of Mandai Wildlife Group, Crashtest Theory (CTT) has been a steadfast partner to the organization for the last five years. The agency has consistently delivered on all their digital and campaign needs, going above and beyond by proactively offering value-added solutions that lead to performance-enhancing outcomes. With the rejuvenation of Mandai Wildlife Reserve underway, they eagerly anticipate furthering their partnership with CTT in the years to come.

Here are some of their UX work:



We believe that a good UX agency possesses the qualities of keeping up with technology so that they can use it to create an amazing user experience that will immerse them in the brand’s intended purpose. Whether it is to incite a product sale, service, or advocacy, these UX agencies are one step closer to creating the ultimate realistic touch and experience for their clients. We hope this list has assisted you in your search for one of the best UX design companies in Singapore.

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