4 Keys to Choosing the Best Domain Name to Attract Web Traffic

All companies with exponential growth have one thing in common – they have all put their businesses online. With online businesses, they can be reached almost instantly, do faster transactions, effectively market their products and services, provide customer support, monitor competition, target the right consumers, and many more.

If you’re ready to bring your business into the infinite world of the web, there’s one crucial thing you must do – choose a domain name. The internet will identify your business through it, making it your ID in the internet world.

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Then, after establishing your online business presence, there might come a time that you want to change the image of your company or rebrand. When this happens, you will need another domain name as you will have to put up a new website.

This is how significant the role of your name domain is for your organisation. Hence, you have to choose the name that best represents your business or organisation. Something that would symbolise your firm and your products and services for you to attract the right traffic.

The question is: how do you choose the https://www.cldy.com/sg/domain-registration/right domain name?

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

1. Your domain name should be short but precise

Your goal is to make your domain name as memorable as possible. To do that, making it short and precise will do the trick. Use a domain checker tool for the start.

Choosing a short domain name without considering the appropriateness of the word for the kind of company you have is not enough. Though brief, your website name should still be able to paint a clear picture of the type of firm or organisation you have.

2. If your preferred domain name is already taken, use synonyms

You might already have the perfect domain name in mind. However, when you try registering, you are met with the notification that it’s not available anymore. Someone had thought of that beautiful domain name before you.

While the idea of starting over again brings you frustration, you should look at the bright side. It means that you are on the right track when choosing the right name. If it has been picked before you, the domain name has been thought to be effective.

There is one way to help you create that perfect domain name without thinking of a new one entirely. English words have synonyms or those other words with the same or similar meaning to your original word. These alternative words will keep the intended purpose of your initial domain name.

For this, you can make use of the thesaurus. Your vocabulary will even be broadened as the other related words may trigger better ideas than what you previously thought.

However if you are determined to take over the domain that someone has already owned, you can check out this domain expiry checker tool.

This guide provide information about the domain’s expiry and status.

By monitoring when the domain expire, it means there is a chance that the owner of the domain do not wish to continue renewing the domain and you now have a chance to do so.

3. It is better to use all characters instead of inserting symbols and special characters

Seeing symbols and special characters will likely confuse your intended traffic. This may even cast doubt or give a wrong notion to your website, resulting in lesser website traffic, which is not a good sign for your business or organisation.

Therefore, it would be better to use characters instead. Remember that the more straightforward and easier to remember your domain name is, the more likely that you’ll get more visits from your intended traffic.

4. Prevent competition from using similar domain names

It will help if you do everything to get the largest share of your intended website visitors. You can provide that extra investment by buying other related domain names to secure your brand. This would effectively prevent competition from sharing your intended traffic and equate more visitors.

The more visitors your website has, the more you will receive opportunities for successful business transactions or interactions.


Your business is off to a great start if you have picked the right domain name right off the bat. Moreover, it can help establish the personality of your brand. The key is to quickly get ownership of it the moment you have thought of a unique one.

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