Singapore Web Hosting: 10 Things Most People Don’t Know

Singapore businesses have traditionally gone for Singapore web hosting companies as their providers. However, in recent years, businesses in the Asian-Pacific region have been driven by the benefits of hosting in Singapore as well.

The island city-state, aptly named the “little red dot”—is a burgeoning tech hotspot in Asia — and for 5 reasons, we’re about to explore. Plus, let us uncover 10 more reasons web hosting services in Singapore are a top-tier choice for your business. 

5 Reasons Singapore Is Asia’s Leading Tech Hub

1. Government support

Silicon Valley—the unanimous term that comes to mind when you think of startups—became the location it is today thanks to government support. The United States government played a key role in investing resources to develop Silicon Valley. 

Singapore has picked up from this experience and has since become an innovation hub of its own. One of the notable government initiatives is the 2020 Tech. Pass launched by Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB). It’s a visa granted to tech entrepreneurs, leaders, or technical experts that seek to support Singapore’s tech ecosystem.

Pass holders can leverage any of the following opportunities:

  1. Launch and operate tech companies
  2. Become an employee of a Singapore-based tech company
  3. Transit between employers or become an entrepreneur
  4. Become a consultant or mentor in local institutions
  5. Be an investor and director in Singapore-based tech companies

The Singaporean government also invests largely in technological research. In fact, it recently pledged to invest S$19 billion (around US$14 billion) into science and tech innovation.

2. High-performance internet and mobile usage

According to Ookla, the average Singaporean gets about 238.59 Mbps of broadband speed. Singapore has always been known for its high-speed fibre optic broadband connection and it comes as no surprise given that the country has invested billions of dollars to build its internet infrastructure since 2010. 

Smartphone usage is at an all-time high in Singapore too, with about 90% of the population having access to a smartphone device. The country’s rapid digital adoption allows businesses to thrive. Homegrown platforms like Grab and Zalora are perfect examples of businesses that have found success within Singapore’s tech ecosystem.

3. Appealing tax system

Many expats and foreign investors benefit from Singapore’s tax system. As of writing, Singapore does not impose capital gains tax—or taxes that levies on profit from the sale of properties or investments. This also covers the income tax imposed on intangible assets and properties. 

The zero capital gains tax provides a huge advantage for businesses and the country. It invites more investors and boosts entrepreneurship in Singapore. 

4. The biggest tech names have offices in Singapore

With an idyllic tax system, government support, and high-tech adoption, it’s easy to see why Singapore is the leading tech hub in Southeast Asia. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Airbnb, have all established regional operations in Singapore. So, it’s common to see strategic partnerships happening across industries.

5. World-class talent

When talking about the future of labour and employment, Singapore remains top of mind. The local talent pool is consistently seen as one of the world’s most competitive. Roles ranging from software engineers to business consultants have drawn investors to the country.

Singapore is a melting pot for diverse cultures too. So you’ll find that many of the local and global talents are proficient in English and other languages like Mandarin, Tamil, and Bahasa Melayu.

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Why the Best Web Hosting Providers Are in Singapore

It’s obvious that Singapore boasts a world-class technological infrastructure. It not only remains ahead of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries, but it rivals tech ecosystems in powerhouse countries like the US. 

So it goes without saying that Singapore provides top-tier web hosting in the region. In fact, Singapore web hosting providers cater to businesses in the entire Asia Pacific too. Next, let’s explore detailed reasons why the country remains a top location for web hosting. 

1. Server location

In a 2022 report by Cushman & Wakefield, Singapore became the number one location for data centres in the Asia Pacific. 

Singapore houses half of Southeast Asia’s data centres. These are all, of course, backed up by a robust infrastructure and connectivity. In fact, Singapore has 17 submarine cable systems that connect to more than 33 countries.

What’s more, Singapore experiences lesser natural threats compared to other nations. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and volcanic eruptions are quite rare in Singapore—further reducing the risks of server failures.

2. Industry-grade features

The hosting space is ever-competitive, so you can bet that the best web hosting services in Singapore ensure that they meet industry standards. Features like unmetered bandwidth, CDN, competitive domain pricing, and website builders are typically on a company’s list of solutions.  

3. Affordable pricing

Speaking of competitive pricing, it is a common misconception to associate Singapore with high costs.

Sure, it might relatively cost more than neighbouring Asian countries. But while you won’t exactly find “cheap” web hosting in Singapore, you get exactly what you pay for.  Reputable web hosting providers offer packages that match your business needs.

Let’s say you run a small website that gets a maximum of 30 visitors daily. You’ll not only find a basic web hosting package that meets your site requirements, but you can get it for low annual or monthly rates.

4. User-friendly interface

Business owners want to onboard a new system as seamlessly as possible. However, this might be a problem for users who lack technical knowledge. A majority of web hosting providers in Singapore understand that need. So, they thrive to keep their systems as beginner-friendly as possible.

5. Speed

It’s no question that Singapore boasts world-class speed and connectivity. And your website can benefit from that. You’ll find that most providers offer 200 times the normal website speed rates—and some even take it a step further by offering your money back. 

To add, hosting your website in a location closer to your customers reduces latency rates. 

6. High availability/uptime

A website going offline is a complete nightmare for any business. You lose potential leads, negatively impacts your search engine rankings, and decrease overall conversions 

There are several reasons why a website goes down: poor server network, cyberattacks, server overload, hardware problems, etc. 

The bottom line is poor server management. Without proper server management, you risk having your website go down more often. Singapore-based providers have both the technical capabilities and soundness to determine server performance. 

7. Security

Given the number of tech investors in the country, Singapore takes an active approach to cybersecurity. All reputable web hosts have backup features, 24/7 network monitoring, spam removal, firewalls, and other measures to prevent DDoS attacks and other forms of cybercrime. 

8. If you’re a Singapore-based business, it’s good for SEO

Each website is assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address is customarily connected to the geographical location of the website. In turn, search engines like Google Singapore opt to connect users with websites within the country. 

To better illustrate this, let’s say you’re running a consultancy service in Singapore. A customer searching for your services keys in the words “Consultancy services” on Google then runs its algorithm to match a consultancy business closest to that user. The chances of your website being on top results increases as your IP address matches their geographical location.

9. Scalability

You’ll find some of the industry’s best cloud hosting providers in Singapore. Cloud hosting is a scalable hosting solution. It enables organisations to grow at their own pace by having resources added on demand. 

For example, websites can experience sudden traffic spikes during sitewide sales. So they’ll need additional bandwidth, storage space, CPU, and RAM to provide a smooth user experience as traffic peaks. Without these resources, your website can go offline and in turn, you’ll lose potential sales.  

Cloud hosting removes this hassle by providing a pay-as-you-go model. This is especially useful when you’re running a site that has periods of increased traffic. 

10. Customer support

After-sales support is just as important as web hosting specs. In Singapore, you’ll find many effective and efficient support that’s offered 24/7. 

Teams also go the extra mile by providing onboarding support. If you avail of a fully-managed package, you’ll get round-the-clock infrastructure management as well as performance and security optimisations—all handled by an expert team.

Starting a new website? Partner with a Singapore web hosting provider today

If you are looking to host a website that serves customers within Singapore or the rest of Asia-Pacific, it’s best to go with a Singapore-based web host. You’ll find reputable web hosting providers to choose from backed by government support, and robust tech infrastructure.

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