Best Web Development Companies in Singapore – Our Top 4 Picks

Having the top web development company in Singapore will help ensure high-quality work. There are plenty of options available to fit every type of budget. Whether you’re a small business owner who needs an online presence; someone who wants custom functionality built into your site like never before; or even somebody wanting luxury website design services, including everything from content management systems through eCommerce platforms.

If you’re having a hard time finding the right one, worry not because we have helped you shortlist these 4 companies:


1. Orfeostory

orfeostory logo web development company in singapore

Services: Mobile app development, web design, CRM application development, and more
Clientele: Fittrail, CoinJunction, Valet Connect, TallyGo, and more

Orfeostory is a web development company in Singapore that started off developing Android mobile apps in 2011. They have an outstanding work history and have kept on transcending themselves to be able to help clients with establishing and maintaining their online presence.

They understand that “technology keeps evolving”, and that is why they make sure to always produce award-winning website designs that meet the demands of the client, and the continuous need to innovate.

Be inspired by some of the mobile app projects they designed:

fittrail mobile app orfeostory

coinjunction mobile app orfeostory


2. RPI Group

rpi group logo

Services: Web development, mobile app development, CRM and CMS, other tech solutions
Clientele: Velospot, Mums Club Singapore, Angeler, and more

Augmented reality is one of many areas of expertise that the RPI Group specialises in. They have amassed 2000 projects over their 2 decades in service, proving that they build accessible programmes and website designs that continue to transform throughout the years. Their proficiency in different platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, PHP and other programming languages has become their stronghold in improving business processes, lead generation, and report auditing.

While they are based in Singapore, 36 countries worldwide have sought their services as their offshore web application development provider. With their Xperience AR products, they have brought education to a whole new level with the benefits of augmented reality in support of active learning. Pretty cool, right? RPI Group truly is bringing the 21st century to businesses all over the world.

ar learning rpi group


3. Nerb

nerb logo web development

Services: Web Design & Development, WordPress, Elementor
Clientele: Aspial, RHTLaw Asia, CityGate, Hope Worldwide Singapore

Nerb is a Singapore web design company made up of a small but experienced team of web technologies practitioners specialising in WordPress and Elementor. The name Nerb is defined as “now everyone reaches better”.

Their goals are to strive toward helping organizations establish and grow their digital outreach through the use of good design and well-executed technological practices. They aim to be an effective digital marketing team of self-reliant individuals that share a passion for learning and commitment to their client’s project success.

nerb web development


4. Oasis Web Asia

oasis web asia web development company in singapore

Services: Web development, mobile app development, e-Commerce
Clientele: Hitachi Asia, Singapore Business Foundation, Pacific International Lines, and more

Oasis Web Asia has established 4 core pillars to become an award-winning web development company in Singapore: Design Thinking, Data Privacy, Web Security, and Data Analytics. They started in 2009 with mobile and web applications and expanded to enterprise web development and IOT development by 2015. In the same year, they were awarded Excellence in Mobile Marketing with ION Orchard under Marketing Magazine’s Agency Of The Year Awards 2015 to acknowledge their top-notch skills in mobile app development and marketing.

Their ideal platform is one that clients’ can use without worrying about what’s happening on the backend – that they can rest assured that there will be no issues and that their users can use it seamlessly. Oasis Web Asia has set a benchmark for the Singapore web design industry that meets and exceeds the standards of local and international businesses.

unilearn web development by oasis web asia

prudential ccfa by oasis web asia



No matter what your business goals or web design needs are, there’s a web development company in Singapore that can help you achieve them. With the list we have given you, we hope you can find the perfect partner for your next project. Contact one of these Singapore web development companies and see how they can help take your business to the next level.

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