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Updated on December 18, 2022

Types of SSL Certificates – Which one do you need?

What is SSL?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, by its name, provides additional security to your website whenever it is accessed by your visitors. It authenticates your website every time it is opened in a browser, and it protects the information that your visitor provides, so the connection is private between you and your client. 

When your website acquires information from your clients such as names, addresses, and payment information, an SSL certificate assures that no third party can access them, to keep your clients secured.


Types of SSL certificate – Which one do you need?

  1. Free SSL

    cPanel offers FreeSSL, which you can use for 3 months*. When the 3-month period is about to expire, cPanel will prompt Domain Verification to provide you a new SSL certificate. This new certificate will also be free for you to use for another 3 months.

    FreeSSL allows you to have a https secured website connection for your visitors. Clients do not need to worry of acquiring SSL certificates from a third party and co-ordinate the installation. Yet, acquiring Paid SSL has its perks, too.

  2. Paid SSL


    For just SGD 24/year, BudgetSSL helps you with an external monitoring probe subscription. This means that our CLDY technicians will be notified in any case that the SSL certificate is not valid, or in the event that it expires, and we will manually install another alternate SSL Certificate for you at no additional cost.


    Formerly familiar as Standard SSL, this plan is available for SGD 60/year, and features our service guarantee of 200% uptime protection from CLDY.

When you’re ready to install your SSL certificate, click here and we’ll show you how to do it.

* FreeSSL provided by cPanel may discontinue at any time. cPanel has not provided an end date as of yet, but we cannot guarantee its continued validity period.

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