What is the difference between CLDY Managed, Unmanaged and Fully Managed VPS?

Managed VPS hosting is beneficial for those who are not 100% familiar with server-related operations. This way, your web hosting provider will be the one to pilot and oversee your server. They will have it set up and maintained, and you can focus on customising your required third-party software, scripts, and other settings for your private server. The coverage: Hardware, Network, Storage, Backup and Recovery.

Unmanaged VPS hosting is great if you already have a team of IT experts and are continuously expanding. Since all the web hosting provider has to do is to allocate server space for your website, the cost is relatively cheaper. Plus, you can be more flexible with server configuration and settings.

Fully Managed VPS hosting is catered to businesses who has high compliance requirements and requires custom systems configuration. Business can concentrate on the thing that matters most, running your business and let CLDY handle the rest. In addition to the Managed VPS coverage, it covers Application Support, Server Security Administration, Mission-critical Support Access and Compliance.



Unmanaged vs Managed vs Fully Managed VPS hosting

Operating System & User Control

UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
Operating SystemWindows or CentOSCentOSCentOS
Root AccessYesYesYes
Easy-to-Use Control PanelYesYes

Network Services

UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
IPv4 Address (1x)YesYesYes
Network DDoS Protection (Basic)YesYesYes
High Speed NetworkYesYesYes
Network Firewall (Standard config for essential system services)YesYes

Support Coverage

UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
24/7 Email / Call Support Coverage (60 mins. Guaranteed)YesYes
24/7 WhatsApp Direct Support (Account manager & Client Support manager & Technical Support manager)Yes

Software Included

UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
Apache, PHP, & MySQLYesYes
cPanel (Solo)YesYes
Outbound MailChannelsYesYes
Inbound MailChannels (1 domain)Yes
Cloudflare (CDN) & Cloudflare (DDoS Protection) OnboardingYes
ConfigServer Security & FirewallYes
Web Application Firewall (Imunify360 or equivalent)Yes

Server & Services Support

UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
Pre-installed Web service Powered by Apache and PHPYesYes
Pre-installed Email service Powered by Dovecot and EximYesYes
Pre-installed Database service Powered by MySQLYesYes
Pre-installed Web service Powered by ClamAV Anti-Virus SystemYesYes
Assistance with customisation of Anti-SpamYes
Assistance with customisation of Firewall SystemYes
Assistance with enrolment and installation of SSL Certificates to unlimited domainsYes
Assistance with customisation of Apache and PHP service environmentsYes
Assistance with customisation of Apache, MySQL, PHP operating variablesYes
Assistance with customisation of Dovecot and Exim service environmentsYes
Assistance with customisation of Dovecot and Exim operating variablesYes
Assistance with installation for non-default service environmentsYes
Proactive Management Email Relay System (Re-routing emails to send from another server)Yes
Assistance with Post attack Root Cause AnalysisYes
Assistance with Log Retrieval and AnalysisYes

Server Security & Compliance

UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
Automated Operating System Updates (Daily)YesYes
Automated Service System Updates (Daily)YesYes
Automated Control Panel Updates (Daily)YesYes
Assistance with Server Hardening & Proactive Management of Firewall SystemYes
Assistance with Installation & Proactive Management of CDN and DDoS Protection System (1 Domain)Yes
Assistance with Installation & Proactive Management of Anti Threat Management System (1 Domain)Yes
Assistance with Vulnerability Assessment (Server & System Services) High Risk resolutionYes
Assistance with PenTest (Server & System Services) High Risk resolutionYes
Assistance with 80+% score for IHP by Cyber Security Agency (CSA), and 100% if domain is with usYes

Monitoring & Audit

UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
Server Uptime Monitoring (ping)YesYes
Services Uptime Monitoring (http / mysql / pop / imap / smtp) with Emergency Rescue ResponseYes
Website Uptime Monitoring (URL) with Emergency Rescue ResponseYes
Server Resources Audit (CPU / Memory / Disk) with Resource Planning & Optimisation Follow-upYes
Security Audit (DoS / Spam / Brute Force attacks) with Risk Mitigation Follow-upYes

Backup and Restoration Services

UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
Assistance with Disaster Recovery Work (1 day snapshot)YesYes
Assistance with Files and Folders Restoration (Only with Backup Subscription)YesYes


UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
Cloud Infrastructure Cost Optimisation (Ongoing)Yes
Assistance with Server and Website Speed OptimisationYes
Assistance with Server Optimisation tools to improve application performance (e.g. Memcached, Varnish, Vmtouch)Yes
Assistance with 2 Tier Architecture Set Up to improve application performance (Website Server and Database Server)Yes


UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
Assistance with installation of development tools that developer needs (e.g. Git, Composer, NPM, NodeJS, Supervisor, Tomcat)Yes
Assistance with setting up staging site, cloning website, http to https and url change for CMS (e.g. WordPress / Magento 1 & 2 / Opencard / Joomla / Drupal / Laravel)Yes
Assistance with application troubleshooting errors code for popular CMS (e.g. WordPress / Magento 1 & 2 / Opencard / Joomla / Drupal / Laravel)Yes


UnmanagedManagedFully Managed
20% off one time professional servicesYes

If you want to scale more from your shared hosting or simply want more control, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the next recommendation for your hosting needs. This gives you more freedom with root access to Apache and PHP. When you choose VPS, you have the luxury to select a configuration best partnered for your applications, requirements, and growth.

CLDY is ready to serve businesses of all sizes. From small and medium-scale solutions to enterprise needs, we’ve got you covered! Build your website with CLDY today!