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Updated on September 29, 2022

How to Check If Your Site Work in China?

Why do you have to check if your site work in China?

It is very common to hear from users in china not being able to visit website hosted outside china due to high censorship policies.

If you are running a website and your customers and visitors potentially are based in china, you might want to confirm if your site can be accessible from multiple location from china.

You might lose business without knowing if your visitors can’t visit your website.

This ensures that your target audience in china can reach your website or send email to you without any issues.

Having trouble with your website not working in China?

Moving your website to today and we have the solution for you if your clients are based in China.

We adopt working content network delivery and priority routes to help you reach to your China consumers.

Website and Email hosted in Singapore and not sure if your website is reachable from China?

Step 1) Visit this tool url :

Step 2) Enter your website url.

Step 3) Click Run Test.

Step 4) The tool is link to servers in a few location in china such as shanghai, GuangZhou and Beijing to simulate access to your site. The tool will also showcase the speed it takes to visit the website from the location of the visit

(refer to below image to see how the success in accessibility result looks like)



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