CLDY rated in CSA Internet Hygiene Portal – Website / Email / Management Providers

CLDY implemented and complied with CSA Internet Hygiene Portal Online Scan

We are honoured to share that CLDY has been rated on “Website / Email / Management Providers” on Internet Hygiene Portal (IHP)’s List by Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA).


About IHP by Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

The Internet Hygiene Portal (IHP) serves as a one-stop platform for enterprises, providing them with easy access to resources and self-assessment tools, so that they can adopt internet security best practices in their digitalisation journey. The IHP uses non-intrusive internet health lookup tools to assess the internet security of websites, email services and domain configurations, and then provides actionable suggestions on how enterprises can adopt best practices and improve their overall internet security. This simplifies internet security to key indicators that matter.

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