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Updated on July 3, 2022

What is Softaculous?

There was a time when installing WordPress was even more difficult than simply uploading your website to the server via FTP and making sure that all the links and files are connected properly. In those days, you had to download the WordPress installer package, upload it to your server, prepare the MySQL Database and the user to which it’s linked, among a whole host of other steps that makes you wonder if installing WordPress was worth all the trouble. 


Thanks to Softaculous, installing WordPress is a matter of a few clicks, as you may have experienced when you installed it following our instructions earlier. 

Softaculous was founded in 2009 by Pulkit Gupta, also the CEO of the completely bootstrapped company. They run a lean 20-person team, maintaining 4 products including their core product, Softaculous. [Source]


Thanks to Softaculous, you no longer need to get under the hood and break your brain trying to understand what MySQL tables are and why you need them for your WordPress installation. With a few things to fill in a couple of forms, your choice of a theme, you’re all set with a brand spanking new WordPress website with just a few clicks!

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