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What are the recommended Image Sizes in Divi builder?

There are many advantages to optimizing your images to the recommended size. These include improved page loading speed and SEO ranking as well as the use of lesser hosting bandwidth. 

While the list goes on for the positive usage of recommended images, we’re here to show you how to choose the right image size for Divi, how to optimize them prior to upload, and how to make sure they are added to your site correctly. 


Three Aspect Ratios

Take note of these three aspect ratios when it comes to uploading images on Divi. 

  • 16:9 
    • 1080 px by 608 px*
    • 795 px by 448 px
    • 700 px by 395 px
    • 510 px by 288px
    • 320 px by 181 px
    • 225 px by 128 px
  • 4:3
    • 1080 px by 810 px
    • 795 px by 597 px
    • 700 px by 526 px
    • 510 px by 384 px
    • 320 px by 241 px
    • 225 px by 170 px
  • 3:4
    • 810 px by 1080 px
    • 597 px by 795 px
    • 526 px by 700 px
    • 384 px by 510 px
    • 241 px by 320 px
    • 170 px by 225 px

Module Images

For blurb or menu images, take note that the maximum size should be 550 px by 310 px.

You can adjust it accordingly depending on the layout, as follows:

  • 1 column: 550px
  • ½ column: 510px
  • ⅓ column: 320px
  • ¼ column: 225px


Slider or Carousel Images

When setting up a carousel for featured images, the recommended size for the photos should be 1500 px by 844 px.


Testimonial Images

If you are featuring testimonials and photos from your customers, keep it to 90 px by 90 px, or a 1:1 aspect ratio.


While there are no one-size-fits-all images in Divi, the sizes we recommended should be treated as a general guideline. 

Remember that optimizing your images before uploading results in faster websites and better SEO performance. Now that you know how to do this, go out and try it for yourself! 


* px is for pixels

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