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Updated on October 15, 2021

MailChannels Error: Sender Blocked

You might be sending legitimate emails, but still get blocked from sending them. While you may already understand that “MailChannels Error: Message Blocked” means that your email address has been marked as “spammy” or “malicious,” you might wonder what’s the difference between “MailChannels Error: Message Blocked” and “MailChannels Error: Sender Blocked.”

What is the MailChannels “Sender Blocked” Error?

The MailChannels “Sender Blocked” error happens when your server IP address or DOMAIN has been flagged by a global spam blacklisting database as sending high-volume spam content. 

Whether you see that you’ve been blocked by spam detection databases or not, we will coordinate with MailChannels and help unblock your email for you. 

Before you submit a report to our Support Team, you can do these steps to secure your account and make sure that it isn’t being used for spam or other malicious purposes: “How to Create Secure Passwords for Your cPanel & Email Accounts” and “Keeping Secure Email Habits.” 

Then please submit a report to [email protected] with the following details: 

  • Status of your IP Address and Domain, if it was blacklisted
  • Screenshot or PDF of the result from MX Toolbox (Right-click + Print > Destination > Print to PDF)
  • Date when the message was sent
  • Time when the message was sent (in GMT +8, Singapore Standard Time/SGT)
  • Your authenticated username or the problematic email address
  • Sender email address (the ‘FROM’ address)
  • Recipient email address (the ‘TO’ address)
  • Error message
  • Email subject

We will then let you know when the error has been fixed, and you can then continue to enjoy using your CLDY-powered hosting account, domain, and email! 

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