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Updated on January 31, 2023

How to Setup IMAP Email in Microsoft Outlook (iOS Phone)

IMAP is typically the best way to access your emails, especially if you are using a server-based email client. It’s more secure, and keeps your emails accessible by having the ability to sync on different devices that you authorise. It sounds enticing, right? Let us show you how you can setup your IMAP email in Microsoft Outlook for iOS phone.

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook app on your iPhone.

setup imap for outlook iphone open app

2. If this is the first time you open up your app, this screen will show up. Click on Add Accounts.

setup imap for outlook iphone add account

3. Type in your email address, then click on Add Account.

setup imap for outlook iphone type email add

4. For the email provider, select IMAP.

setup imap for outlook iphone click imap

5. Fill in the IMAP email settings specified by your email provider. Once done, click on Sign In.

setup imap for outlook iphone fill up imap settings sign in

6. Microsoft Outlook’s data privacy policy reminder will show up. You can click on Learn more to have a better idea of how Outlook can protect your data, or proceed and click on Next.

setup imap for outlook iphone data privacy window

7. On this next screen, Microsoft Outlook will ask if you would like to give consent to track your usage data to further improve the platform. Click on Accept. Believe us, this will only make sure that your experience with Outlook is always at the top mark.

setup imap for outlook iphone getting better together accept

8. You can choose to sync Outlook to your other iOS apps such as Calendar and Maps. Proceed and Continue to Outlook.

setup imap for outlook continue to outlook

9. If you have another account to add and setup, click on Add. Otherwise, click on Maybe Later.

add account to outlook iphone maybe later

10. And that’s it! You have successfully set up IMAP email on your iOS phone.


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