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Updated on February 9, 2022

Common Email Errors & How To Resolve Them: Attachment Too Large

Maybe it’s all the high resolution pictures you wanted to send. Maybe it was a very bloated Excel file. Or maybe it was a 1000-page eBook complete with illustrations. Either way, as you were sending email, you got the error that the attachment was way too large. 


Have no fear, it’s no biggie, no pun intended. 


Here are some tips to get you started: 

  • CLDY email attachments can go up to 150MB per file. 
    • By contrast, most email providers can only send and accept up to 25MB in filesize, including the email body itself. 
  • This means that you have to attach files less than 25MB or the maximum filesize of your recipient’s email provider, in order to give allowance for the filesize of the email’s body itself. 
  • Here are the maximum file sizes allowed per provider: 
  • Google Workspace (GMail): 
    • Receiving: 50MB
    • Sending: 25MB
  • Yahoo Mail: 25MB both Receiving & Sending
  • Microsoft Products (, Hotmail): 34MB both Receiving & Sending
  • Microsoft Office 365 (Premium Microsoft Product): 150MB maximum both Receiving & Sending
  • If you need to attach more than 150MB in your email, or your recipient uses services from providers that can only accept attachments less than 150MB, you may do the following: 
  • File compression or zipping is designed to allow you to shrink the size of the file. All Operating Systems support file compression. Windows has the “Compressed (zipped) folder tools,” the Mac has its Compression function, and even Linux has a similar function. 
    • All these features are accessible via the Right-Click contextual menu.
    • After you zip your file, you may be able to send your email within the filesize limits. 
    • If you need other compression formats, there are other programs that can enable you to create compressed folders as other types of archives. 
    • Samples of these are WinZip, WinRAR, 7zip for Windows. Other third-party programs are also available on Mac and Linux.
  • If file compression still won’t let you send your email within filesize limits, consider using a file hosting service, like Dropbox, Google Drive, or other similar services, and attach your files as links. 
  • File transfer services also exist, such as WeTransfer, Send Anywhere, Mediafire, and the like. For image hosting services, there’s Imgur, Flickr, and Google Photos. 
  • Use your CLDY Hosting account as a file transfer solution, too. 
    • Take note, this option may raise security and resource use issues, which might compromise your websites if you also host them with CLDY. 


Here at CLDY, we’re doing our best to give our customers best-in-class products and services. Which is why you can enjoy sending and receiving up to 150MB in emails. However, while you can definitely send up to 150MB in total email filesize, just bear in mind that other services may not be able to receive your emails properly. 


Use our guide to be able to send emails without a problem, and you’re all set!

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