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Updated on April 9, 2024

A Quick Comparison on Web Sites, Domain Name, and Hosting

What is Website?

The website is the totality of what you see in your browser. Like in, the website itself contains links for hosting plan packages, blogs, and knowledge base articles that are all from the CLDY company. Every word, image, and hyperlink that you see are all stored as website files. Each activity that a user or a visitor leaves behind are also traced and stored by the website. All of those are what the website entails.


Is it the same as Domain Name?

The simple answer is no. The domain name is merely a component of your website’s address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). For example, is the URL, and is the domain name. In email addresses, the domain name is what goes after @. In [email protected], is the domain name.

Before you venture into creating a website, choosing your domain name is one of the more tedious parts of the process. You want to create something that will be easy to remember, and at the same time, will create an impact on your clients and visitors.


What is Hosting?

Once you are ready to create your own website and have chosen a domain name to start with, you will now be going to the next step which is finding a hosting provider. Hosting, or web hosting, is a service provided by a company that specializes in, well, hosting.

These companies house several servers to equip various clients ensuring that their websites are always online and accessible whenever or wherever they are. Keeping your domain connected to the web 24/7 is what hosting providers are there for (no downtime – just uptime!).

Also, a single web page is usually at an average of 1-2MB, so a fully developed website may be around 20 GB. Though that amount can simply be stored in a disk drive, your hosting provider makes it possible for you to expand your storage as your business grows bigger, without worrying about data loss. CLDY is one of the hosting providers in the market that can start you up from a beginner plan, and develop your website with a more complex hosting package to allow your business to grow even more.

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