In a general context, shared hosting is actually a dedicated server or cloud server shared with many customer powering their website and email service. It is knowledge to most that shared hosting are low cost and also low performance hosting because in the market, no ones know how many customers are being squeezed into each server, and how powerful the server is. Therefore assumptions are made that shared hosting is simply slow.

CLDY Shared Hosting is Cost effective, Secure and Fast, not like other shared hosting providers.

1) In our design of CLDY shared hosting, we want to maintain savings for everyone to allow our customer to share license cost and also at the same time experience better performance so what we did is to allocate less customers on our server and also invest in higher compute servers chips to offer premium experience at a fraction of the cost vs getting a VPS
2) In today shared hosting, we are also able to compartmentalised accounts so that 1 account don’t over load another using Cloudlinux technology. Compartmentalised accounts are one of the key features why people moved to VPS and today we are actually already doing it on shared hosting which gives you 1 less reason to choose VPS, and be able to go Shared Hosting and stretch your dollar​

3) In terms of performance, CLDY can now assign more compute resources to each account with the same amount spent by client, simply because more monies are assigned to compute resources vs being assigned to licenses.

CLDY Shared Hosting Plans

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CloudWeb20 SGD10/month: 20GB SSD / 1CPU / 1GB Ram
CloudBiz20 SGD25/month: 20GB SSD / 2CPU / 4GB Ram
CloudBiz20+ SGD45/month: 20GB SSD / 4CPU / 8GB Ram

When do you need to go VPS?

The only time when you need to go VPS, are as follow



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VpsDual SGD99/month: 50GB SSD / 2CPU / 4GB Ram

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