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Optimal Cloud Performance

Performance and affordability? You can have the best of both worlds when it comes to our web hosting plans in Australia.

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Web Hosting

Optimal Cloud Hosting

General-purpose web hosting plans with a blend of performance and affordability.








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Business Web Hosting Singapore

Business Web Hosting

Performance Cloud Hosting

Low-density web hosting plans paired with higher CPU performance.








Website Hosting Singapore

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Dive Into Web Hosting and So Much More Today

From start-up to advanced hosting needs, we got the building blocks and boosters to launch and solidify your business into the Web.

Create your own website, and much more

Build your own website domain, and add more subsidiary domains to further boost your market.


A mail box for you, and the rest of your team

You get to have a dedicated mailbox, for yourself, your team, and even for your users! You have access to setup unlimited number of user email addresses on our plans with fully customizable mailboxes for each team members needs.

Your Speed and Storage Requests Fulfilled

With SSD storage for you to maximize, we commit to fast access and stable servers to let you expand and explore your website's capabilities.


Web applications at your fingertips

At your reach are various web applications you can add with one-click - from WordPress, and so much more! No need to build them piece-by-piece, we got them ready for you.

Your Data is Stored and Secured

Never worry about losing your data. Our engineers do a daily backup of website files to make sure that data loss is never an option.


Need assistance? We're here to help

Our services include initial assistance from your domain registration, to selecting your plans, and until your website is up and running (and even after then!). Our team of experts are ready to help out if you hit a road block, or just need an old-fashioned hosting guide.

Hosting Features

At CLDY, we don't just believe in giving you industry-standard hosting features. We believe in providing top-notch, global-standard Multi-Cloud hosting, which we boost with security and encryption that protects your websites and email accounts with only the industry's best infrastructure.

Variety of Hosting Plans

Choose from our starter plans to our advanced hosting plans, and scale up any time you want.


Tired of clicking and tagging each spam mail when you go through your inbox? SpamAssassin can do that work for you, and it’s readily available for your emails.

Extensive Email Capabilities

Your web hosting service also includes email hosting service, allowing you to incorporate your business emails directly linked to your website.

Manage your Account via cPanel

cPanel’s easy-to-use interface helps you be an expert in managing your website and domain in no time.

eCommerce Ready

We have over 200 applications you can easily plugin and install to help you build your website.

200% Uptime Protection

Our hosting service is equipped with 200% Uptime Protection Guarantee. That’s how confident we are with our servers.

Our Satisfied Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is web hosting?
  • Web hosting is a service that makes your website and emails accessible to the users on the internet. For people to reach your website, you will need to upload the website to a web hosting plan. Similarly, the email address needs to be created on a web hosting plan so that people can contact you via email.

  • If you don’t have a web hosting plan yet, you can register both your hosting and domain with Get in touch with our pre-sales engineer via [email protected].
  • How does web hosting work?
    When you register for a web hosting service, it’s like renting an apartment (in this case, a dedicated storage in our servers) where your website will be situated, and all of your belongings (your website information) will also be stored. With the utmost security and support features CLDY can provide, you can rest assured that we will keep your website online and accessible around-the-clock.
    What type of web hosting plan should I get?
    With the array of web hosting plans we offer, you’ll surely find one that will help you achieve your business needs, and at the same time, have the ability to expand as your business grows. If you are at your first steps into launching your business, we recommend the CloudWeb plans which can start you up from 20GB storage plan, and let you add to as much as 20 domains for you to maximize. For an expanding business, we have the CloudBiz plans which allows you up to 8GB of server memory – letting your online presence grow with you as your business takes on new levels. And bonus – unlimited mailbox for your emails!
    Can I transfer my website from another provider?

    Yes! If you think CLDY fits your needs better, we are happy to help you to transfer over your website from another hosting service. Website migration may be scary, and we’re here to let you know that it takes three simple steps to have your website transferred. Click here to know more about transferring your website over to CLDY.

    How many domains can I use?

    Our various web hosting plans lets you choose from 1 up to 20 domains. You can start up with your main website, and use the other domains for your personal portfolio, or for your team as a marketing strategy – you decide! We don’t want you to be limited to a single web domain when you can go for more. Learn about which domain name suits your business here.

    How secure is my website with CLDY?

    We highly value your security, and so we take full precautions in ensuring that your information is always protected. Features that we use include antivirus, firewall, WAF, PHP security layer, patch management, and domain reputation management. Our 24/7 support team works around the clock to defend the system against threats.

    • Our servers are built with a complete set of security features to shield your websites/emails. Features that we use include antivirus, firewall, WAF, PHP security layer, patch management, and domain reputation management.


    • Our web hosting company works around the clock to defend the system against threats.
    Is web hosting different from email hosting?

    With email hosting, you are only getting a hosting registered for your emails without website hosting capabilities. With web hosting, it’s more of an all-in-one package. Know more about email hosting here.

    How do I ensure security of my web hosting?
    Here in CLDY, our promise to you is to maintain a 200% uptime protection guarantee. Uptime, in contrast to downtime, simply means we devote our resources to making sure that in any event that an unfortunate circumstance may occur (in cases of natural disaster,), your website should still be online with the help of our dedicated support team who are ready to help you out in these events.
    How do I manage my website?
    cPanel will be your platform when it comes to managing and organizing your website files, securing your website, and a lot more. It’s easy-to-use interface is simply one of the reasons to love web hosting, and if you’re not familiar with it just yet, we have a dedicated knowledgebase to help you out.
    Can I host multiple websites under my hosting plan?
    Yes! Our web hosting plans lets you add unlimited subdomains which helps you link your pages together, have more platforms to interact with your customers, and manage the traffic that comes in to your web domains/websites.

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