Web Hosting Backup & Restore

Protect your data by backing up daily and saving 14-days worth of data with our automatic daily backup system.


A Safety Net for Your Website and Emails

Backing up your data couldn’t be simpler. CLDY’s Web Hosting Backup & Restore make copies of your website and email files within a 14-day retention period. Backup is done daily and you can easily access any specific files with our Restoration function. With CLDY, you never have to worry about losing any of your important hosting files again.

Website Backups

  • Daily Backups with 14-days retention
  • Entire website files are backed up
  • Individually restore HTML, CSS, PHP, or JPEG files
  • Restoration in just one click.

Email Backups

  • Daily Backups with 14-days retention
  • The entire email files are backed up.
  • Specifically restore Read Emails, Unread Emails, or Sent Email Files
  • Restoration in just one click.

Here’s how our 14-day Retention Backup Works

Snapshots that translates as Daily Backup

Everything you do on your website or email is being taken in snapshots, exact replications of your work done daily. You can always review this and have the choice to bring back previous data.


14 Days of Different Snapshots

We keep 14 different copies of your data for every day of the 14-day retention period. Your oldest will be the 1st day, and the newest will be the day that you are currently working on.

The End is where it starts again

After keeping 14 copies for 14 days which is our Emergency recovery plan, we go back to the beginning on the 15th day and start with the daily snapshots of new data to be stored in a 14 day period.

Features of CLDY’s Web Hosting Backup & Restore


Automated Backups

Feel safe knowing that you can restore older files with a simple few clicks. This flexibility gives you the confidence to do daily tasks without worrying about losing valuable data.


Daily Backups

Users’ files will automatically get back up whenever the day ends. Every new update and change you make to your data will get saved every day. Have the freedom to choose which files to recover from our daily snapshots, which you get in a 14-day retention period.


Easy Restoration

CLDY allows its users to choose which current files to restore with a specific version or files of their choice. Browse our easy-to-use dashboard for the files you need, then click the restore button. It’s that simple!


Backup Retention Days

We keep Snapshots of users’ files for 14 days before they get replaced with new files. Older files that have met the 14-day timeline will be deleted and replaced with newer files before others.


Download RAW Files

Download your files to the device of your choice. By doing so, users can have instant offline access to their files.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my backups?

You can access your backup via your web hosting control panel. Simply restore available backup copies as required.

How do I access my files with this service?

Depending on the type of restoration you require, you can access the individual modules to perform restorations as required.

What is the difference between automatic backup and daily backup?

Instead of getting 1 copy per week for your backup, you will be getting 14 days worth of backup so that your important recent work can be restored.

Is this compatible with any content management system?

Yes. The backup service is compatible with any content management system. This allows you to perform restorations easily. If you are unsure of any file restoration to be done, please feel free to check with our support engineers.