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Typical websites enjoy 500% faster speed with CLDY. We Guarantee that if your website isn't faster by at least 30%, we'll cover your hosting costs for 6 months

How To Transfer Your Website And Email Hosting To

Website Transfer to CLDY is the Simplest, most Stable, most Secure, and Speediest choice backed with best-in-class Support!

Step 1: Assess your current hosting situation.

Find out the following:

Step 2: Provide us your login details at your current web host.

We will need your logins in order to access the data you need to migrate from your old host to CLDY as follows:

Step 3: Set the hosting migration schedule.

Tell us when you would like to schedule your website and/or email hosting migration.

We want to make sure that we meet your expectations with the migration timeline, as well as to be able to coordinate with you should we need further details and information.

Why migrate to CLDY?

We make it possible for your business to leverage the power of the World Wide Web. Here at CLDY we believe in the following pillars that drive us in serving our customers:


We make things simple for the end user, that is why we are constantly looking to improve all of our products, services, and support tools.


You can rest assured that when you host your websites at CLDY, we will ensure that they are stable and downtime-free, with our 200% uptime guarantee.


We at CLDY are proud to provide you with best-in-class support, ready to assist you with your technical concerns round-the-clock, and as soon as you need it.


CLDY is powered by industry-standard security infrastructure, so you can trust that your data is always secure with CLDY. Aside from SSL, we are also powered with MailChannels for email, a trusted industry standard in email protection.


We know that website loading speeds are paramount in keeping a website optimized. Not just for Search Engine Optimization purposes, but also for customer satisfaction.

The CLDY Security Guarantee

Here in CLDY, we value your business with us. And so it is our commitment to provide the utmost protection for your website and email data.

Our servers are powered by industry leading cloud servers such as AWS, OVH and Linode, who have highly secure cloud infrastructures, coupled with our multilayer monitoring within the servers to ensure data is not compromised from the server backend. 

We aim for your security, and your clients’ protection, as well.

In any event, all your website information is backed up daily for easy recovery. Aside from your own backup schedules, CLDY makes it a point to keep your information stored and secured so that if any modifications occur that may compromise your website’s performance, we got your back.

Satisfaction, or your first year is free!

Here at CLDY, we have 200% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We guarantee that we will be able to complete the website migration process within 24 hours after the initial assessment has been completed, and the credentials have been turned over.

We also guarantee that we will require no more than 15 minutes of downtime to switch your websites over from your previous host to CLDY

In the event that CLDY does not meet this guarantee, or that you were not completely satisfied with the migration process in any form, CLDY shall credit back to your account the whole value of your CLDY hosting purchase.

Ready to be a CLDY client?

Transfer of your first website is on us!

Disclaimers: Before you terminate your existing subscription, it may be a good idea to back up your data from your previous web host.
If you already have regular backups on your existing cPanel or WordPress installations, perfect! All you need to do, then, is to download the latest versions of these backups for safekeeping.

If you don’t have existing backups, however, you might want to install Duplicator to back up your WordPress website, or you may do a cPanel Backup, as we teach here: How to backup all your data in the hosting plan (cPanel)?

Redundancies and failsafe measures are always key to business and operations continuity!

CLDY requires a 3 to 7-day window before you terminate your previous web hosting subscription in order to ensure that everything works perfectly.

We would appreciate that we would have this much time before your previous subscription expires so that in the event that troubleshooting is required, we would still be able to access the data from your previous web host.

After you test your websites and see that the migration process has been seamless, you may now wrap up with your previous web host and terminate your subscription.

Termination of Old Hosting:

Migration must be completed before you terminate your hosting plans with your previous provider to avoid any interference to the migration process.

Pre-existing issues:

Any pre-existing issues such as website errors due to page not found or malformed content will remain as migration does not fix such errors.

Migration moves your content 1 for 1 over and will not automatically fix what is already broken.

Existing/Previous Account Deactivation Requirements:

In order to thoroughly complete the Hosting and Website Migration process, we request that CLDY would have around 3 to 7 days of lead time or more before your existing web hosting account expires.

In order to meet that requirement, it would be best if you would start the purchase process around 15 days before you aim to end your existing subscription or contract with your existing web host.

Unless we are given this window, CLDY might not be able to thoroughly complete the transfer of your data. Please be advised.

100% Hosting Migration Guarantee Scope & Limitations:

  • Seamless Hosting Migration for the websites hosted on the following platforms are 100% guaranteed:

    • Hosting Accounts powered by cPanel
    • Websites installed and created using WordPress
  • Limitations: We wish to inform you, however, that any hosting or website migrations from platforms other than cPanel and WordPress will be considered as “Manual Migrations,” and will be assessed for data migration complexity on a case-to-case basis.