About Us

Driving The Vision And Mission Of CLDY

With over 60 years of hosting experience across the leadership team, we're all aligned towards being the customer-centric, innovative hosting solution that our customers need.

The Founders

Dan Chen

Managing Director

Dan started off as technical support and went on as a management associate for all the departments in hosting, such as sales, marketing, quality assurance, and infrastructure. After 15 years, he’s now risen to be the leading force behind CLDY to drive forward its mission to help bring customers to the Cloud.

Alvin Poh


With over 20 years in the hosting industry and previously managing the growth of a team of 150, Alvin has seen the importance of driving organisational excellence. With this experience, his focus is for CLDY to boldy solve the pain-points and problems that customers face in the hosting space.

John Jervis Lee

Non-Executive Director

Previously managing the operations for over 35,000 hosting customers, John has a keen eye for efficiency and systemisation. He brings a consistently high level of performance to CLDY, ensuring the organisation runs like a well-oiled machine to continually deliver results for its customers.

Continual growth

Always be driven by passion and purpose to be better every day

Deliver excellence

Do more than expected for each other and for our customers

Respect for all

Everyone should be valued no matter who they are


The key and core of our business is our customers and solving their pain-points and problems. That's why all that we do, here at CLDY, is centered around making our customers' lives better and easier.

We do this by constantly pushing ourselves to deliver innovative hosting solutions and providing the 24/7 support that our customers need.


CLDY helps businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world move on to the cloud.

Our business started off global — no physical offices, and a team from multiple countries — and we serve customers from all over the globe.


Happy people result in making the impossible possible.

Purpose and vision are important aspects of the CLDY team and as a result, we invest heavily in transparency and communications. The team knows the company’s goals and take part in company-level decisions. That’s the only way we are able to develop the innovative hosting solutions that our customers benefit from and appreciate.